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My eldest is not known for his quiet voice or presence of calm. He doesn’t receive the greatest reviews when it comes to obedience, sharing, or prolonged sleep. Jem is what many might refer to as a ‘spirited child’ 😉 (ie. Intense. Loud! Demanding.) Or, as I am beginning to see and prefer to explain: in need of focused, consistent, and thoughtful guidance.
Jeremiah began as a fairly ‘easy’ baby (once he got past the projectile vomiting and settled into a sleep pattern). I think we really messed with him when we hit the road in his ninth month and presented him with five different moves (and consequently, homes and beds and communities). It seems like some of his current expressions such as regression with the potty or sleep issues, stem directly from the excessive amounts of change he’s had to deal with in his two and a half years.
On the flip side, Knightley began with intensity. He didn’t want to sleep, or even pause and rest. His first two months were characterized with a lot of walking and burping and crying (on everyone’s parts!). Now, two months after our latest move and four months into his shared life with us, he’s the happiest baby I’ve ever met. He’s seriously such a joy to be around and I just can’t get enough of him. His laughter and cuddles and huge gummy smile are such a gift to everyone. I just pray that I can protect that joyful spirit as he grows, so that he’ll forever be known as a joyful gift.

Anyways. These are my kids. Intense and beautiful and unique and such gifts.
Lately, however, in the midst of the tantrums and the sleep deprivation and my own inner-struggles, I often lose my patience and see burdens and chores in their presence instead of little packages of opportunity and life. I let my mind wander to my brief years in the office with the energy of career, the coffee breaks with adult conversation, the option of sleeping-in on the weekend, the ample hours open to just…me.

Over the holidays, I was able to spend an evening with some women, including a dear friend of my sisIL’s; a strong and gifted mama and minister from the Dominican Republic. The conversation moved to kids and homeschooling and the pull between staying at home for a decade or two with the kids, or sending them into the school system and/or returning to the workplace. Between the comments and the banter, Shannon quieted us with the reminder of our opportunity. “Just think what a privilege it is to be the ones shaping and discipling these lives! That’s an incredible opportunity!”
And it is!
Likewise, a week ago my tattoo artist and I were chatting as he etched his work upon my arm. “You must love your job!” I gushed. He look up with surprise, almost startled. “Um…sure”, he said, “I guess….. What I really wish I could do is be at home all day with my kids. Like, I know it’s a ton of work and stuff, but the chance to totally speak into and guide someone’s life that is huge!”
And it is!

So anyways. I have crazy kids. And these days I feel a little crazy myself. But the thing is, the opportunity and privilege of educating and guiding and sharing life with these very special people is beyond measure. I am one of those very blessed women who has chosen to and who gets to be home every day with my babies. What a gift….


3 Responses to “an education”
  1. Lola says:

    lovely. On the topic of education… it’s been on my mind so much lately. Not the decision as I made my mind of when Anna Kate was under a year that we would go that direction but more “how on earth am I supposed to do it!?” Unschooling, classical, Charlotte mason etc…. Now that Anna Kate is almost five I’m starting to panic a little. Am I supposed to be organized because oops… I’m not 🙂

  2. Delynne says:

    Oh Dea, you are so right. We forget, in some of the more chaotic moments, how truly rewarding and valuable this investment is. But who’s to say what our children will become if we give them this gift? Every so often I go back to considering, is this right for us, and I look at the alternative, and I see so much damage done is so short a time and I’m back on track in a hurry. This time is so fleeting, we have a very short window in which to instill good values, thinking skills, etc. and any sacrifice we make is also a short time! We’ll have loads of time to do our thing later (-:

    Lola have you read “The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home”? It’s really been great as far as organizing things, they have a lot of book lists, guides, etc. I don’t follow it to the letter but the overall principles are so great and valuable. It’s by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise.

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