how did we get here?

Anyone else feeling a little frustrated with the surrounding popular culture and general state of our world. Argh!  I feel caught between the desire to whisk my family away from the increasingly nasty realities, and the need to step deeper into it all to better understand and, hopefully, positively, influence it. Can you relate?
For example: This week on the radio I have not been able to go more than five minutes without hearing a reference to the young pop star Justin Beiber (sp?). Annoying. Annoying! He’s young with that pretty gal’ face and pre-pub’ voice, and our current popular culture loves to say his name. But what is he offering our young people? Some more tabloid discussions on inappropriate relationships? More time ‘tweeting’ about the latest hair style? Really, nothing of substance, yet he is the thing…for the moment.

Where are the heroes of old? The knights? Preachers? Professors? Authors? Doctors?
Where are the children of old, who knew how to read and imagine and eat and be still?
Did we not listen to the wisdom of old? The value of family? The role of loving authority? The need for sleep and nutrition, fresh air and words on paper?

The more I hear and see the younger generations around me, the more I’m left with bewildered frustration. These kids are oversexed yet under mature, overfed and undernourished, over stimulated and under taught. Everything’s mixed up…..

As I hold my baby boys close, I wonder just what world I want to draw them into. How can I teach them and guide them towards wisdom in a culture which appears so lacking in what is valuable? How can I teach them to engage and influence their world with understanding and empathy? How can I open their eyes to really see?

The only thing I can come up with is to become that parent. I need to be that person who can see and engage and contribute; more than contempt and not simply increase empty and meaningless chatter. I need to be careful of saying, “Well it’s harmless, it’s cute, they’re kids….” and instead ask, “Is it worthy of our time? Is it increasing our minds? Are we contributing to a greater force of…nothing?” I need to know what’s going on out there. I need to be giving something valuable. And as these boys mature, I need to step back and gift them with the belief and confidence to make mature and worthy decisions as they engage their world.

Oh man. What are we getting’ into…..


2 Responses to “how did we get here?”
  1. Kmarie says:

    First take a cleansing breath. Hold it and gently expel while bringing in fresh air.
    And that is how we can all do it.
    Cleanse what we can in our own lives, gently expel some of the more dangerous issues around us and bring in our own fresh air into the picture by actually making a difference in the passionate gifting (s) we have. We can’t solve it all nor be annoyed at it all. The cultures before us…the days of old- those were not that great either. Every culture has it’s downsides. I was reading an article from the time period you are describing and ironically they were saying they needed to go back to their forefathers ways.
    While there is good heritage and tradition to be passed down- there is never a time period when it was better. Children often did slave labor and were ignored- now it is the other way – where we coddle them and indulge…even in the good organic stuff as well.
    Anything without balance feels like a spiralled confusing mess. If you focus on balance in your life you will find more balance around you to some degree. Read Ecclessiates. (I wish u could come down to my dad’s talk on that tomorrow in Called to Question)

    It is good to think on these things. To challenge yourself. To get a bit stressed. But in the end remember- Every parent will fail in some areas and every parent will also succeed. By asking you are doing. By seeking you are finding. Don’t get too consumed by the bigger picture but yet also do not only see yourself. An example In blogging language:):
    What are you writing for? To be read? To write? Or a mix of both? If it is to be read- are you reading others as well? If it is to write- are you writing true to your soul? If it is a mix- Are there higher expectations that you put on yourself or others? For instance- if you value comments- do you comment? If you value silence- Do you remain silent? If you want realness- do you give realness? If you want tips- do you give tips?

    By that whole example- I am showing that each of us treat our blogs the same sort of way we treat our lives to some reflective extent. You are the difference you need to make in your world- starting with yourself. Get rest, enjoy your children and the food God has given and then invest in betterment for your little family than work it out into the world with great mercy, kindness and justice. You are just the girl for that job:) One day at a time, my friend. Dear, sweet soul- One moment at a time. Look at your family and say ‘it is good.’ Then when challenges directly face you- your spirit will walk with wise counsel and understanding.

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