While reading an edition of Macleans at the gym this morning, I was struck by an article on ‘non-book clubs’ (that wasn’t the title, but it was along that line….). In short, today’s modern (overworked, time strained, ambitious, technically savvy) woman doesn’t have time to work through Oprah’s Book Club picks (usually presenting around 500 pages of text), but still wants the experience of gathering with the gals, sipping wine, and talking about something beyond their own lives. In response, groups of women are gathering with their laptops, blackberries, twitter lines and Google accounts, and spending a few hours (with that said wine) sharing bits of news, tips, and social networking.

At first I thought, “Hm? I like bookclubs!” Then I thought, “Hmm…fun idea….” And then I thought, “What in the world…! What are we becoming?”

It’s nothing earth-shattering, it’s not a huge ‘issue’, but it’s yet another glimpse into our women and our world, and ourselves. We’re so busy, so…savvy, so unable (unwilling?) to have a real moment of pausing and communicating and being quiet.

In the midst of this, we’re also the one’s so eager to make our marks, to ‘be’ that super-woman or grand contributor, and we are the ones who aren’t seeing it through. We can ‘tweet’ about our next big idea (or blog about our future plans 😉 ) or spend hours searching Google for that new pattern or etsy idea or piece of land or book or project, and then go to bed.
As we stop by our non-book clubs and make lists for the next five years, we are becoming the community of the non-doers. We are the ones who “are really interested in…” and who “someday want to…”. We are the gang of status updates, multi-blogs, smartphones, and drive-by info. We’re the one’s trying to figure out our life-calling when we’re thirty, and preparing the next generation to do the same as we console20-year old adolescents and over-sexed nine-year olds.


So, as I sit here with my non-book and contemplate my hazy future, I can’t help but wonder…..


One Response to “non-____?”
  1. Becca says:

    I know exactly what you mean. So often I’ve been looking for my next project, checking out everyone’s blogs, look up 2 hours later and realize I’m not actually accomplishing anything. That’s when it’s time to stop, get off the computer and start doing. I’ve decided I am definitely limiting my “wandering” time.

    It’s time to do.

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