check check

Life Lessons are so called because a) they are to be applied to the things that matter, b) the can be appreciated for years upon years, c) it sometimes takes the length of life to grasp them.

I feel like I have been lately immersed in another session of schooling for life. As seems to be the trend, I’m emerging from this session, humbled, with clarified vision, and with a renewed awareness of my need for continued growth.
Jeremy has completed the classroom portion of study (to become an EMT, and someday, a paramedic) and we have entered a new waiting period. We are waiting for some responses to various jobs he’s applied for while we wait for his practicum placement. We’re waiting for his practicum placement so we can know where we’re moving. We’ll be moving in the next few months (somewhere…), then waiting on the completion of practicum so that we can wait upon a formal station placement. Within all this, we’re waiting on bills, waiting on plans, waiting on patience.

But back to the lessons.

When we first arrived on the ranch (wow…that seems forever ago) I believed the waiting was over. It seemed like I could put the ‘adventure mode’ away for awhile and just settle in. When we moved into this place and the City, I didn’t really re-engage my gypsy focus. I figured we would have a few months of hardcore focus, and then it would be smooth sailing. Now however, as I look at another move to an unknown place, along with months more of waiting and uncertainty, I realize that there’s an attitude that needs to be packed away (nope, thrown away!) and another which needs to be put on.
I have been struggling. I have been finished with this whole ridiculous road. I have been wanting. I have been complaining. I have forgotten the quiet contentment that comes with embracing change and challenge. I have not lived with praise and thanksgiving on my lips.
We may never settle down. There’s a chance that choosing the ‘life less loaded’, this gypsy trail, is our really our life and way of being. Or not, but that’s not the point. The point is that we can always look to each unexpected event as an opportunity. The point is that, as one friend reminded me this week, “life is now”. The point is that, even when things are uncomfortable and unknown, we can choose a response of Light.

There will be more boxes. But hopefully less baggage.
There is far less cash. But hopefully greater value.
There is much waiting ahead. Again. But we will wait upon the Lord. We will be renewed.

We are alive. We have so much ahead of us. We have every good thing….


2 Responses to “check check”
  1. Kmarie says:

    Good lessons but hard… We have been in transition too but we have a consistent home ( however it is consistently uncertain if we will loose all) But I feel for you…and I am proud of you.

    I received the book. I hope to send it off to you today and I would like to have email discussions from time to time on the chapters. Also wondering if you have read Wisdom Distilled from the Daily? I would like to discuss that with u too sometime

  2. I too posted about life lessons today! I love hearing about yours!

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