growin’ up


first fruits


Although I had ideas of waiting a few months longer, Knightley recently ventured into the world of solid food. His lunges for my spoon with groping mouth like a baby robin finally led me to give him a little taste, and then a little more. Some mashed yams. A bit of curried lentils. Some bright yellow farm fresh yolks. A spoonful here and a smacking gulp there. Sticky fingers and mushy cheeks. Taste sensations of a world he didn’t even know existed.

I can’t believe he’s here already….

It’s a significant transition, this milk-to-food business.
Since the moment Knightley was conceived, I’ve (physically at least) being his sole provider. His life depended on my life. My food became his food. My body produced nourishment and protection which could not be created elsewhere.

But now he’s tasted of this other world; so full of flavor and color and good things; a world which has also been provided for our nourishment and protection; a world which has not been created elsewhere. It’s all part of life and maturation. It’s all part of the beautiful change of seasons.

Providing. Protecting.
Tasting and seeing.
Giving everything.
Receiving everything.

From first milk to the meaty things.
Such a delicious mess.

“The gifts of God for the People of God….Thanks be to God.”


One Response to “growin’ up”
  1. Kmarie says:

    Wow. Look at those gorgeous lashes:) He is beautiful…Looks like fun filled discovery with many good choices:)

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