"Who do you think lives in there?"

start them young
“What’s this Sweetie? How does it feel? What color?…”

(We have been enjoying a gift of a trip back West for the past week. Moist air, green…everything(!), sweet and weird memories, that feeling of ‘home’. I can’t wait to get back here for real someday….)

This morning we decided to do a family trip out into that moist air. We loaded up the boys and drove over to Bridal Falls; a beautiful little area which has become a favorite spot for our family. Jeremiah could hardly contain his excitement. “Going up the mountain!! See a WATERFALL!!” Even Knightley seemed caught up in the holiday feel and really enjoyed seeing all the mossy branches so far above him.

Hiking up the trail and listening to the growing roar of the falls, we took time to touch moss, find tiny flowers, listen to birds, examine tracks. Jeremiah was welcome to pause and ask, encouraged to touch and climb, supported as he cautiously ventured ahead. There was no rush, no real agenda, just the shared experience of family and nature and discovery.

I was reminded how much I want to raise these boys outside, and how much I have missed the freedom of these valley/jungle surroundings. I loved that about the ranch; the space, the safety to just run out and explore, the assurance that these wild boys could just run out there and breathe it in and let it out and dig in deep.

It’s just not as fun when all that sweet smelling earth has been sealed up with concrete, and the roar comes from the traffic, and there are no mossy limbs at the furthest stretch of one’s gaze….

So today was a gift, and we loved it.

As we guided the boys up the falls and watched their eyes widen and their cheeks grow moist with mist, I celebrated. Years from now, they may not remember this specific moment. There’s always the chance that we won’t move back to this land of green, and they’ll only see pictures and hear stories. My hope, however, is that this moment and those others and the ones ahead will whet their appetites towards discovery. Their little noses are going to be trained towards that scent of soil and trees and spring’s life and fall’s decay. Their little ears will learn to recognize something beautiful beyond the din of horns and wheels. Their wide-eyes will grow brighter yet as they connect ideas and look beyond the lines and boxes and shades of grey. They will learn to seek out life, and to sense beauty and diversity and color, whatever their environment.

For today, we were gifted with one of Nature’s most beautiful classrooms. Such a sweet morning….

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  1. Oh, how lovely! I am totally inspired to get OUT today!

  2. mel says:

    Glad you have had this opportunity, friend! Your family is born to be outside:) Love you guys!


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