April tour

It has been a month of travel!
The month began with a birthday trip into the US. The land was green, the conversation was rich and light and beautiful. The time was well spent. Flying home, I gathered up the two waiting at home and we hopped another plane for a flight to the west coast. We shared a relaxed and encouraging week with J’s family, watched the boys bask in the grandparent’s play, then flew back for a change of luggage (which turned out to be a bit more complicated than expected when we arrived home with someone else’s suitcase!). Suitcases back in order, we loaded up for a road trip the other direction into the prairies (talk about a contrast to the eyes!) to my family. And now, were back in the middle-lands again before stepping out next weekend to meet some a couple more beloved friends, and to bring home that sweet Cana dog. Who knew April could hold so much and go by so quickly!

long flight

revisiting those special places

some lunches are easy to pack 😉

that river

airport security 😉

across the miles

One Response to “April tour”
  1. Becca says:

    Love the pics. Did you have to run baby through the x-ray? LOL, too funny!

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