lovin’ us

“If we end up in that town, there’s a chance we could get a garden in before the end of the season. The thing we need to find out for sure is if we’re allowed some hens in that yard.”

“Hon! He ate the spicy lentils! Aw, good boy!”
“Good work son, now no more cucumbers ‘till you finish the rest of your salad, kay?”

“Did you see those bags of grass and pinecones the neighbours set out?”
“I KNOW, that’s the perfect brown matter for compost! Maybe we should ask….”

“Hon! The cats eating Jeremiah’s oatmeal!”

Today I realized I kinda love that we’re this kind of weird. I like how we eat. I like the things I’m glimpsing in my kids. I like that (after years and trials and some of the toughest moments of my existence) my husband and I are finally/kinda/almost starting to flow.

I like our weird. It fits.

(now to look into those hens….)



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