extending the map

We have news towards our next step! Hurray!
Last night, J received the (long awaited, oh-so-delayed, life-directing…) phone call informing him of his practicum placement. (For those new to the story: Jeremy completed his EMT course work in the beginning of March, and we’ve been waiting for this placement ever since. We’ve been unable to move about much or make any real plans surrounding  employment or location or..anything until it’s all settled.) So then. The call came. He’ll begin service on March 12th, in a community fairly near to us. The station has a positive reputation and could (maybe?) offer an opportunity for employment as well as funding towards his final paramedic training, though that’s getting ahead of ourselves.

For now, we have a glimpse of the next two months. This year has been walked out ‘day by day’, so having an eye to several weeks ahead is amazing. There are still many things unanswered though, and there are many more steps to tackle. Right now, the big questions are: ‘Pursue employment here in the province and secure funding to complete the final step of training?’ OR, ‘Head back to That Town and have Jer work like mad up north and rid ourselves of this [wretched, debilitating] debt around our necks so we can move ahead with the life of service we desire’, OR…random other options like all of us moving to the North or heading to the East or…. Basically, work and money and service and dreams, but this time we’ve got some ‘option power’.

Within all this, I’m becoming SO restless!!! I just want to know! My word, after soo much time waiting and living in such a bizarre expression of lifestyle, I am very much ready to settle in somewhere and get on with it all. I want details! Like, are we heading back to the country and if so, shall I order my chicks and build my coop now? And…shall I plant my seedlings here or…there? And, is it time to pack up my kitchen gear or is there time enough for another batch or bone-broth (a post on that soon!) or whey or sprouts or…? And, how late can I order those chickies anyways? You know, the important things!

Anyways. I’m in much need of sleep as the babe is busting out the teeth and not giving anyone rest. I have more posts in my mind then I can get on the screen these days, so hopefully there’s more to come soon!

looking ahead

4 Responses to “extending the map”
  1. Becca says:

    So good you have some news! I understand that restless feeling. It’s the same feeling I had before we started our adventure Northward this past year. It’s frustrating for Mama’s, or at least this Mama, to not be able to plan.

    But sounds like progress!


  2. Kmarie says:

    Oooh I vote for THAT TOWN!!! Ha:)

  3. Jamie says:

    Yay, that’s exciting! I’m with you in the being ready to plunk down roots thing! Even just the literal ones like gardening… it looks like we may have to move homes even if we don’t move towns, so gardening dreams are on hold. 😦

  4. Delynne says:

    you can order the chicks any time before October (-:
    Loads of time!

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