boxes and boxes

Packing packing packing. Sort. Giveaway. Unpack. Pack.
Unpack to repack. Purge. Pack. Ignore. Deny. Flipout. Pack.

We’re packing up, again.

You would think that I would have a perfect system by now, given that, on average, we’ve had to do so (in a significant manner) about three times a year since the day we married. But no, it still leaves me with a room full of pot lids, spare socks, ‘keep or give?’ bits, and those five books I’ve been meaning to start or finish since the last big pack.

Dear me.

But it’s good.

Living on the move in such an entirely uprooted fashion for such an extended length of time has taught me many things. I’ve learned that…

–          It’s better to have two quality frying pans than a whole fancy set

–          A KitchenAid mixer is worth taking out of the box…each move.

–          Crystal goblets are not the ware of gypsies.

–          Stuffing random bits of paperwork into that last box only creates more random paperwork in the next home.

–          Packing one box essential pantry ingredients is worth it. If those same ingredients make it to the next move, maybe it’s time to let them go.

–          Being aware of the season you’ll unpack in is helpful!

–          If you’re going to make pancakes on the morning of departure, keep out a flippin’ spatula!

–          How many mugs/glasses/goblets/cups does one family really need?

–          Label. Everything. Carefully.

–          Keep the boxes.

–          Figure out who’s the more gifted packer. Then occupy the, er, ungifted one with something else. At all costs! 😉

–          Quality spices (organized, labeled, and usable) are worth taking along and cost a bundle to restock all at once.

–          Towels, aprons, diapers, scarves, spare toilet paper, mitts, etc., are great space-fillers and buffers around plates and other less hardy items.

–          It’s okay to pack the pictures and knick-knacks early. (Maybe. Sometimes. If you both agree that it’s time…. 😉 )

–          The time and effort of a yard sale should be worth the time and effort. Otherwise, share your excess and think of other families, individuals, or groups that can use the stuff you’re giving away.

–          Butter, coconut oil, that certain bag of flour, those new beans…probably worth the trip.

–          Having things boxed and tidy up to a week or more before the trip can (often) bring relief, rest, and the space for a thorough cleaning as well as some time for sitting and reflecting before physically moving on. Worth it.


My minutes of diversion are done.
Hm, I’m  still sitting in this basement of random bits and pieces.
(nap time!! 😉 )

Wishing you well!

3 Responses to “boxes and boxes”
  1. Pam Koop says:

    Thanks for sharing your insights with humour in the midst of “chaos”! We haven’t moved quite as many times as you but at least 9 times for 9 years of married life:) It is a good reminder that we are not to store up our treasures here on earth. In some ways I find it a blessing because you learn what you really value and what you are willing to part with (or should be willing to give up)! I hope that you are able to find “peace” in the midst of the tension because only then are we resting in our Sustainer. We keep being challenged with that – to not try to get everything in control and figured out because we never will, and if we think we have then we are not relying on our Provider any more either!

  2. thismama says:

    ha, before we moved from BC, I gave away my fragile, beautiful czech crystal because I couldn’t handle the thought of it breaking….I haven’t missed worrying about it!
    On the keeping of the boxes….we are thinking of having a box burning party but since this is the 10th or so time that we have moved in less than six years, I feel maybe I should hang on to them just in case;)!

  3. yes, i feel ya. I had been moving every spring and fall for about 13 yrs until now… we finally have stayed in this house through a spring! and it feels so good.

    your list is great and really familiar. you realize what you need and what you do not.
    ya get rid of a lot. and it feels good to be free of it!
    (except i still get grief for selling the dewalt sawsall for 10 bucks at a garage sale 4 yrs ago) what was I thinking?!
    …I was thinking that we had to compress a winter’s worth of house contents into a pontiac sunfire which also contains our two big dogs!! the sawsall just wouldn’t fit.

    I always wondered if compressing the kitchen supplies into smaller baggies and jars was worth the effort… but i think so!

    anyways, now I am getting nervous about the amount of stuff we’ve accumulated…

    happy packing and congrats on the babe to be!

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