a glimpse of catching up

We’re pregnant!
I’m purchasing a goat!
J’s practicum is flying along!
We sold our car and purchased a different one, all within a matter of hours!
There are lots of little bits of experiences and recipes and questions just waiting to get on the screen.

It feels like every single day is overflowing with plans, changes, preparation, questions, kiddos, and an overall sense of “Hold on!!!” Funny season.

The silly things is that, in some ways, the whole sense of busyness is frustrating and false. Both J and I are home for most of the day, we don’t have any extra-curricular commitments, we don’t have a social life; we’re basically just in a holding pattern until practicum ends and moving begins. Yet, maybe that’s exactly it. I think if we were productively busy and had a fantastic schedule of events going on instead of a scattered maintenance of craziness, well, it would feel fantastically productive instead of crazy 😉

The past winter was so dark and horrid, and I’ve been waiting for the light and warmth of summer forever, yet now I’m caught in impatience for the days to read August already so we can settle into our new place and get on with things. But…I don’t want summer to rush by!  I don’t want to miss out on the long days, the heat and growth and fun, that lazy sense of the season. I want it to be August now. I want it to be June forever. I want to move on. I don’t want everything else to move on before I’m ready.


(This post is a tad scattered! That’s what happens when I delay updating!)

In sum.

There’s lots and nothing going on.
We’re nearing the time of moving, employment decisions, and big big questions.
I’m impatient for summer’s end.
I don’t want summer to ever end.
Apparently I am going to live under a forever tutelage of ‘living presently’.


One Response to “a glimpse of catching up”
  1. Kmarie says:

    Love this. You get tons of fresh starts. That is busy but a blessing too. My sister in Law is going through something similar. You will LOVE this post on time. Please read and feel like you are not alone:)

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