–          Tips or tricks for increasing mama-milk supply when pregnant and nursing? I only give Knightley one serving of solids, and don’t really want to go beyond that for awhile yet, but my milk is drying up waaay too quickly! (and is milk thistle safe when pregnant?)

–          Goats. Hints? Helps? Best prep?

–          Natural Birthing in Three Hills. I experienced my first birth there, and it was great for the person I was then, but I’ve experienced different and better since and…?

–          Skin! This ‘issue’ is more than 6 months old (migrating patch of psoriasis-type-something on my face). HELP!

–          Best absorbable calcium that gets where it’s supposed to go?

–          Best and most affordable fish oil supplement for kids and men and mamas?

Hi! Happy weekend!
Three more sleeps ‘till we move.
Today was very busy and entirely unproductive.
I’m going to bed (yup, it’s 8:03 pm).
One week from now I’ll be (maybe almost) settled in our new place, alone with the babes as J heads back to Edmonton to complete some more shifts.

Good night!

17 Responses to “Questions!?”
  1. Lola says:

    eat lots of liver and kelp and b-vitamin rich foods for breastmilk production and for a few days, nurse every two hours and eliminate solids. After a few days you can add them back in.

    Milk thistle is safe

    Not sure about goats

    Your best bet is contacting midwives in Calgary, canmore, or Edmonton for a natural birth. The next best thing, in my experience, has been Dr. Calhoune but I think she’s been on Mat leave and I’m not sure when she’ll be back. I’m pretty sure she used a midwife with her baby. It will still be a hospital birth with it’s routine procedures but she was really laid back and open to a lot. Ask Beth how she liked her. Get in touch with Sarah lynn Quist as she’ll have more information for you.

    best absorbable calcium is found in bone broth. Take your carcass and add a splash of vinegar (the acid pulls the calcium out of the bones) and salt. It’s also full of proline, glycine, and other amino acids that help grow babies (and prevent stretch marks) The next best calcium supplement is an infusion of red raspberry leaves and nettle leaves. (use a huge handful in a quart of boiled water and let it sit for at least four hours.) More calcium than milk and better absorbed. But if you want to actually utilize and benefit from any calcium in your diet (and require less in your diet) make sure you get adequate Vitamin k2 (MK-4). Grass fed butter, eggs or a supplement (they carry it at peters). You’ll drastically improve the skeletal and dental health of your baby and yourself if you make sure you get enough.

    The best is Blue Ice fermented cod liver. The cheapest best is Nordic Naturals cod liver oil.

    GAPS or SCD + bone broth and liver. My skin is cured…. do you hear that FDA… cured.

  2. Kristin says:

    goatswill eat just about anything that they can reach.. they are master escape artists… there are a few plants that can be poisinous to them… i would look up what to keep them away from in your area. They are very social animals and like other animals to be with, and depending on your goats personality will probably love to hang out with you. Our goats were always very content to hang out with us and would even follow us as we went for walks (we trained one to be a pack goat, which worked out well until while he was younger but we treated him to much like a dog so we was to friendly with the kids… long story.. sorry) They are truely unique animals to have.. i forgot if the goat you are getting has horns or not… but if she does, do not touch her horns… you want the goat to understand that humans and horns don’t mix and that it is not okay for her to use her horns on you… though hopefully she is dehorned and you won’t have that problem… but if she does have horns, just be sure to watch her around your boys.

    Lola pretty much covered everything else.. we’ve used nordic naturals for cod liver old and it works well.

  3. thismama says:

    Lola covered pretty much every thing that I was gonna say!!! Except try Red deer for midwives as last I checked there is supposed to be a place open now with I think two or three midwives.

  4. Kmarie says:

    Love you Lola…Knew you could handle all that!:) Great advice.

    As far as you being alone- call me and I will come help unpack. Remember me cleaning your fridge? Yup, I really don’t mind helping a busy expecting good friend. Also, P said he will help at some point ( crazy with work, funeral, ect.) Also, you are welcome to join our monday night mom’s group- over the summer we are just taking walks and working through Gilmore girls starting this week.
    It will be good to see you.

  5. Kristin says:

    OH… how are you planning on keeping your goat contained? Will she be fenced? tied? Goats can easily strangle themselves if tied up so be sure to keep an eye on her if you are planning on having her tied. If you have her fenced, have secure fencing where she isn’t going to be able to get out and eat all all of your garden and all of the neighbors garden. And she will if she has the oppuyrtunity!
    Goat poo is solid little pelets that take a LONG time to disintigrate, so sometimes little boys think that they look like fun rocks to play with or even chew on… (yes i have experience with this happening)… just wanted to warn you
    hmm i think that’s about all i have for you… I’ve never had a doe before, just whethers, i’m assuming you are planning on making her a milk goat? I’ve wanted to do that but we’re not ready for the commitment of milking twice a day yet!

    Have fun!!!!!!

  6. Dani says:

    I have also heard that drinking champagne is good for breast milk LOL

    • Dea' says:

      WOW! Thanks everyone, this was GREAT!!!

      Goats: We’re going to keep her in our yard. She’s not joining us until the end of July so I’m hoping to fix any weak spots in the fence and get things ready for her. I keep thinking that she’ll be different (ie. not the master escape artist who eats everything! 😉 ) but I have a sinking feeling that she could be trouble! We’ll see. (Also, the Town needs us to get our neighbor’s permission for any pets that aren’t cats or dogs outside. Soo…this’ll be interesting! 😉 )

      Midwives: Hmm!!! Oh man, I need to get on this. Once things are really moving for my births, there’s not a ton of time, so driving to any of those larger centers in Jan/Feb is going to be interesting!!! If only we had a tub that could work as a home birth…..

      Calcium: We just started with the bone broth, awesome. I know my calcium is going to be pushed right now with everyone else suckin’ it out of me. I totally didn’t realize that rasp’/nettles offered that. Hm, this time one year ago I was harvesting raspberry leaves off the ranch for Knightley’s pregnancy. Crazy!!

      Nursing: Oh to drink my dark ale!!! Good to know about milk thistle. I’m hoping this stuff will work….. He gets SO mad when there’s nothing there 😦

      thanks for everything friends, and feel free to keep it coming 🙂

      • Lola says:

        Your neighbor is a pretty experienced birther if you accidentally give birth in the trailer 🙂 She was my unassisted birth back up plan if I went into labor before Canmore. I totally understand your predicament and we went with an induction but I know that is NOT the ideal plan for most people. We’ll pray that you’ll know what you are supposed to do.

        and here is a little bit on nettle infusions.

  7. sadie says:

    Lola, pastured butter seems to be impossible to come by around here, I know liver is a good source of k2, but what about lard and tallow?

  8. Kristin says:

    OH one other thing i forgot.. goat like to climb up on everything and anything… so be sure not to have something she can’t climb up on near the fence to jump it. Though she may try to get out.. usually it’s just to eat. Oh and hoof care is super easy! OKay… i’m sure you’ve already read all of this before, but sometimes it’s nice to hear it from someone who has owed goats.

  9. sadie says:

    Oh and skin, definitely cutting out grains and sugar, then reducing fruit (stick w/ berries).

    I basically eat a butt load of veggies, nuts, seeds, farm eggs, pastured meat (organ meats are supposed to be best… blech) and then make sure I’m getting adequate amounts of quality saturated fats. I do eat legumes a couple times a week, but since I’m also trying to lose fat and those are carby, I’ve cut down on them too. When I break from this, my eczema breaks out on my hands.

  10. matty says:

    Skin… goat’s milk soap with oatmeal and honey. Email me and I will send you a bar to try. It’s helped a number of my clients with theirs.

    Goats… Good fence w/ electric at top and bottom; good shelter (can even be fence panels w/ tarp and hay in the floor; good GOAT feed 16% protein.

    When I was nursing my son three million years ago, I ate more protein, had snacks three times a day, and drank a lot of fluids. Sometimes I ate a whole chicken while he nursed! LOL And, I still was back to my pre-baby weight in six weeks…

  11. cindy says:

    snuck onto your blog after seeing your note to see where the world had taken you.. i am so spoiled with midwifery it’s sad to know it’s not every families available choice!

    as for omega’s.. i went to a breastfeeding conference and there was this cool research about eating one omega enriched egg a day.. the results.. uhhh can’t remember but eating omega eggs was a good thing!

    and she also let it slip that Kirkland brand Omegas from Costco were the best because they went through third party testing along with another high end ‘health food’ store brand.. that costco has some neat surprises sometimes..


  12. Jamie says:

    I’ve been supplementing with milk thistle for ages to keep my milk supply up. It works great. Also avoid spaghetti sauce and peppermint tea, they are common culprits. Oatmeal always seems to give a boost too… but mostly I just turn to milk thistle. I take mine in pill form from Integrative Therapeutics. I used some other milk-supplement pill that was more easily attainable when I was pregnant with Abraham and still nursing Rilla, and it worked pretty well but the milk thistle has definitely worked best for me.

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