Three years ago, right about now, I was in the brutal (ohhh so brutal) last stages of labour. I had passed the 25 hour mark, and was in that deep-yowling, forward-bending, zone of transition. Then finally, my waters broke, I had a break, then push-push-push to the beautiful howling hymn of my firstborn.

Huge. Strong. Hungry.

Downey and blue-eyed and rolly-polly’d perfection.

Conceived in a time of plenty and ease and youth.

Born only days after the solstice.

Be it the moon or the Son, his life has only known new seasons;
changing, beginning, moving, rising again.

He is our prince, our warrior, our fiercely passionate name-carrier.
He is our artist, our dancer, our overly-sensitive seeker.

My big baby boy, I am often lost in my effort to guide you. Your zeal and spirit and strength are both a smile and a concern. Your full-out commitment to whatever you set your mind to is a joy and a challenge.
Your secret songs and dances, whispered prayers and brother kisses melt my heart. Your hope to “I be a good guy, Mama” and your effort to “be gentle” are a gift.

In choosing you, and life with you, we began a whole new path, and a season that has brought more twists and turns and tumbles than we could have known.

And we rejoice.


2 Responses to “Three?”
  1. thismama says:

    Happy Birthday little guy! It was the third birthday that struck me as crazy….did I really have a three year old???? And I love that he is wearing the crown, though I really wish that I had made it after I started using wool felt!

  2. Melanie says:

    Awww, this is so sweet, Dee! Happy birthday to sweet Jem.

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