Yesterday, I realized it was past time for a moment out.


I love my boys.
My husband is fantastic.
Our home is surprisingly sweet.

But every mama has her moment when she just needs to take a breath.

I put on a skirt, wrapped my hair, grabbed a bag, and ran.
I picked up a matcha green tea latte (they HAVE those in town now—whoa.)
I got pricked by a bit of guilt and stopped to pick up dessert for Jer; a tea House brownie.
(But then…I had to open up its little box to be sure it was indeed an ooey-gooey brownie inside and, well, it was…and there was extra whipped cream…and edges that needed to be trimmed and…some of it made it home…. 😉 )

I finally made it to the yard of a sweet gal who also used to live in this crazy town. I slipped around back and dove into the raspberry batch. See, I’m pregnant again and it’s spring again, and wonder-wonders, I’m (again!) picking raspberry leaves for that potent pregnancy tea I’ll soon be guzzling.

I picked and sipped and let me mind wander.
I envisioned the conversation the people in the house were having
“Honey…someone’s in the raspberry patch!”
“That’s fine dear….”
“She’s picking…the leaves!”
“The leaves? Get her outta here.”
“I don’t know sweetie…she’s drinking matcha and has chocolate icing all over her face….
“Alright hon’, back away from the window, no sudden movements, let’s just let her do her thing.”

And now it’s Sunday afternoon. The boys are napping and Jer’s getting ready to head back to the Big City for more work on the ambulance. It’s going to be a busy week with these busy boys, but at least I got an hour away to pick leaves and sip tea.

Best to you this weekend!

tea harvest


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