Oh my GOAT!

“Well”, she smiled as we finished loading the crate into my car, “when you get her home you’ll think she’s the goat from hell. Have a great weekend!”

Are you kidding me!
NOW you tell me?!?

And so off we went with Dora-Diablo, the goat from the underworld.

Before we even pulled out, she managed to hop out of the truck…while still in the crate…smack on her horned head.
Once on the road, she screamed. For miles and miles she screamed.

But she looked so cute and she was our goat and we were finally taking her home!

Hours (and hooours) later, we finally arrived home. Jeremiah was literally bouncing with glee as he prepared to introduce ‘his Dora mama goat’ to her new home.

She burst from the crate.
The dog grinned.
The goat peed.
Then Cana bounded while the goat hopped the fence and took off!!!
(She’s hardly a foot tall, pregnant, and the fence is four feet tall. All it took was a little click of her devilish heels!)

Dog running, bleating goat careening through the garden and over the baby and (just about!) through the other gate and onto the town, we chased each other about!

Dora-Diablo, the goat now home.

She’s now locked up. Behind two closed doors.
She may be sold before next weekend.
My little hens are coming home tomorrow, so somehow everyone has to co-exist without destroying the town.


The crazy thing is that she is really just so so tiny and so sweet. I cannot believe she can leap and bound and seek to zip about with such gusto. I’m hoping that she just needs to settle in. That Cana (the dog) needs to get a brain and not scare her. That she’ll forget(??) that she can hop the fence. That the neighbors will be patient for a few days while we figure out it.

So that’s that. We’re home. Once crazy adventure of a road trip and we’re here. Keep us in your thoughts and smiles these days 😉

2 Responses to “Oh my GOAT!”
  1. Pam Koop says:

    Hmmm, yup goats are very good at escaping! We had them while I was growing up. Sometimes we would put a collar on them and had them out on a line grazing, and/or also hobbled two of their feet together I think?!? Hope you get that figured out!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    My husband and I are planning on getting a goat next spring. His parents had them while he was growing up and they keep telling us their horror stories! Even though they might be a handful, I think the fresh milk is definitely worth it! You’ll have to keep updating us on how it’s going.

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