There’s something about this place

In other news….

For two and a half years I have…struggled…. With this community. We left in a haze of questions and confusion, hoping never to return. We loathed the thought of ever coming back for any extended period. We considered every other option before finally turning our path back to this speck of map. This town was ‘That Town’: the one with That School, Those People, That Business, Those Moments; the place where dear friends had been hurt and our cookie-cutter life had begun its slow melt.

But it turns out that our cookie-cutter needed that melting in order for reformation to take place.
That we were just as much, ‘Those People’.
That This Town really doesn’t need to remain ‘That Town’, forever.
That God is also reforming the lives of those loved ones who were hurt.

It turns out that this town is showing up, and showing well.
Within that, it turns out that we are been silenced.
We are being blessed, moved, changed, and challenged
and mostly through the unexpected kindness of strangers and special people in this town.

From stores, streets, farms, tables, and churches, people have extended kindness.
Nothing deserved.
Nothing requested.
Nothing expected.
So much (so much!) received.

It really doesn’t make much sense at all. And, to be honest, I’m not entirely sure what to do with it.

I suppose I’ll just try to be still. And quiet. And receive.
And wonder.
And not try to figure it out.

Cuz it’s This Town; and it’s funny like that. And they’re These People; and they’ll surprise us like that.

And we are being re-formed.

One Response to “There’s something about this place”
  1. Dani says:

    Enlightenment need not always come in the conventional form 🙂

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