Happy Friday!

I love Fridays.
When living with an unemployed man, there is the temptation to allow every day to run into itself. What does it matter? What’s the point? We wake, we eat, we tumble along and try to keep up, always with an ear to the phone (darn those telemarketers!). But we’re finding that it’s better, healthier, more…supportive, in a sense, to keep a sense of routine and ‘week’ and ‘weekend’, even though we really don’t have to.

We’re all up and about by 7:00am. We share the breakfast table, participate in ‘chores’, make lists. We attend some town children’s programs. Set some dates. Attempt to socialize around the wondering and sleepiness and feelings in the back of our heads.

We observe our Sunday traditions; church (generally), Soup-and-bread-and-wine Eucharistic lunch (always), company (when bravery rises from all participants 😉 ).

And we celebrate Friday night.
The kids get tucked down by 7:15.
The nachos (essentially, loads and loads of veggies and spicy meat, and some kind of savory veggie-based side like salsa or guac’ ) are prepped in the morning, ready to toss together into a melting spiced mess of Treat.
The show is picked hours before.
Showers are taken.
Home is tidied.
And by 8:00pm we’re clean and eating and watching and settling in for about two hours of ‘just us’ indulgence.

Something to look forward to in a spineless week. Something to enjoy in ‘no week’ weekend. A reason to put our feet up and quiet our minds.  An excuse to uncork a nice bottle. A moment of ‘whatever’ when every other minute is ‘what if’ and ‘why not’ and ‘when’.

I’m off to treat and snuggle. I wish you a most perfect Friday evening 🙂


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