These days are filled with buckets of berries, sprigs of basil, bowls of fermenting what-not, and experimental cooking outside during afternoons of +36 degrees. It’s August and everything is dark and ripe and lush and brimming; including me as Baby-Baby grows and we all move towards harvest.

And, a bit of news, J’ tripped out of town this morning for a job interview and things are looking good! They’ve offered him a position as medic (throughout the province, in various camps and drill sites) and he’ll move ahead to orientation on Friday. YAY!!! We’re still a little hesitant with shouting it from the rooftops as he was offered a position two weeks ago and then the company didn’t follow through, but from what we can see, this is looking good. It seems like a decent company with an alright wage for now, as well as some good incentives. He’ll begin with two-week shifts, and then we’ll go from there. He could be shipped as far north as Yellowknife or down south of Calgary, depending on the need. Neat hey? So, there’s still paperwork and such to be done, but in 4-6 weeks we just might see a real paycheque. (thanks be to God)

More to write, and pictures too, but the town’s cardio-dance class has done me in for the evening and K’ will be up screaming for teeth-relief in about 3 hours. Best to you!

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  1. Kmarie says:

    YAY. SO happy for you:)

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