holiday day

Today was GREAT!

With the (promise, hope of, belief in…) J’s new position on the horizon, we decided to do a true ‘holiday-day’. We loaded up early and drove towards Alberta’s Badlands, where my brother and his family were vacationing for the week. It was crazy hot, the kids were energized, and we had a blast exploring some adventurous sites. We came home in time for a nap, shared an early dinner of leftovers, and then walked to the Town’s splash park where we all frolicked like children.

We wandered home in that cozy-warm-damp sleepiness that can only come from a summer’s day done well. The boys were happy, my skin was darker, and we had managed to do a true summer’s day out for the cost some gas money and a simple lunch.

Now, a thoroughly fantastic prairie storm has rolled in, displaying the best lightening of the season. We’re eating this new treat (slightly altered), watching the storm between pages and screen, and enjoying that sweet summer feeling.

Tomorrow life spins on as J heads up to Edmonton to take care of a bunch of paperwork and details. The next few days will be filled with more friends and visits and moments as we prepare for the next season. It’s exciting. Days like this will be treasured and remembered as we move on.

exploring the hoo-doos

desert beauty




strong and lean and still-baby

drenched. quenched. loved.


2 Responses to “holiday day”
  1. Alicia says:

    This is a beauty full post!
    & We had the near exact same day (yesterday). Hoodoos, simple pleasures, hiking and then splash park..though it was also in Drumheller.

  2. Kit says:

    I didn’t know Alberta had places like that! Sounds like a cheap fun day! I like how Jeremiah went hiking with his triceratops.

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