Surprising Summer Soup

A meal tradition we hold is ‘soup Sunday’: sharing soup and bread and readings for Sunday lunch or dinner. Given that I want Sundays to become less hectic and more restful, I try to do all my cooking, cleaning, and other prep’ that day before.

This morning I was happily chopping and mixing things for soup and noticed that the thermometer was rising. By the time I was ready to set the pot to simmer on the stove, the mercury was climbing past 40 degrees! (I think our deck must be a ‘hot spot’ in town or something….). I refused to heat the (thermos-like tin-clad) house further, so hauled my stock pot to the BBQ and let it roast outside.

That done, I had no clue what to do for supper. All my grand ideas involved baking or sautéing or caving in and spending money. None of those were good options.

Sooo… in my fridge I found a cucumber, an avocado, and some cilantro. I asked J’, “What do you think about chilled soup for supper?” He stared at me with wide-eyes and a half-gag, then thought better of it and said he’d give it a shot.

Give it a shot we did, and we came up with one very tasty and oh-so-easy summer soup! No cooking, little mess, simple prep. It’s surprisingly savory (the kids weren’t huge fans), and even Jeremy said it was shockingly tasty (or as his dad would say, “This is actually good!” 😉 )
It’s easy and healthy, open to all kinds of modifications I’m sure, and worth a try!

Chilled Summer Soup (red)

–          1 English cucumber (peeled, chunked, no need to seed)

–          1 ripe avocado (peeled, chunked)

–          A handful of cilantro (I’m guessing it would be about ¼ cup if it were finely chopped)

–          2 large cloves garlic

–          1 tbsp lemon juice

–          1 large can tomato sauce (OR, about 3 large and juicy tomatoes)

–          1/3 cup sour cream

–          Sea salt to taste

Dump it all in the blender. Chop/grate, then puree until smooth. Serve immediately or chill for an hour (I’m not sure how long the color will hold with the avocado…). Serve with nice crusty bread and butter, salad, and pretty summer drinks!

Let me know if you blend some up!

One Response to “Surprising Summer Soup”
  1. Sara L says:

    So neat to see your blog!! I’ll hafta look around some 🙂 Someday… haha, after the garden is in, lol I have a blog, it’s terribly neglected…

    Thanks for the recipe, I’m interested in trying it.

    Sara L

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