The light coming through the window is amber-warm and telling of evening showers and sky and dew. My house smells like lavender and dinner and August and us.
Both boys are tucked in and, for this moment at least, quiet.

This day, though beginning with utter exhaustion and a mountain of tasks and step-by-step-step moments to climb, has ended so very well. Through the haze of yet another tumultuous night with the younger, I felt as though any productivity or good character was far beyond my reach. But, incredibly enough, I completed one thing. And then another. Mr. Knightley snarled and coughed and clung, but the list grew shorter and now evening is here and all of her comfort. Thanks be to God. I guess, sometimes, it’s the start-up that’s the most difficult in the day. Once we begin, we are surprised by the fruit and end that is found.


These days are ones of savored family moments, colorful buckets  of harvest, bubbling bowls of dough, and all kinds of noise and shenanigans as we make the most of these last days with J’ at home while settling into this home and yard and town. Really, within all our limits and issues and uncertainties, we’re having a pretty great time.

Here’s a glimpse into the moments.
We’ve been enjoying the Town’s bounty of raspberries, experimenting with our first sourdough (it certainly is sour…and tasty!), soaking in sunshine and rain and heat and chill, sharing our table and children, getting to know the ridiculous hens (oh! that’s the post I need to catch up on!), wondering at the beauty and cleverness of our boys, and letting ourselves be amazed at the contentment and peace found in a life of simplicity.

I wish you a most beautiful August evening as the dew grows heavy and the nip of Autumn comes closer.

sweet 'n' sour prairie cherries

steamy oat/rye sourdough, the new house favorite

beautiful bowl

raspberry scones

helping harvest golden raspberries (so sweet and yummy!)

sharing scones and berries

snot-nosed grublet 😉

3 going on big little man

wanting to join the 'big boys' camp out

oh the beautiful berries....


Thoughts? Comments? Hmm....

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