tasty family outing

Saturdays mean fun fun fun!

This week has been filled with little reno’s and lots of unpacking and setting up and all kinds of other house-bound activities. Today, however, began as  a decidedly ‘non-housework’ day. The skies were  clear, the forecast promised warmth, and there were berries to pick and treats to bake.

After morning chores and hearty plates of sourdough French toast (surprisingly tasty!) our whole gang loaded up and biked over to a most bountiful berry patch. Our mission? Nanking cherries to gain juice for some home-made fruit wine (should be…interesting), and as many golden raspberries as our buckets could hold.

We picked and ate and made some memories. Jeremiah brought berries to his little brother while said brother stuffed his face with the offerings in between handfuls of dirt and grass.

We pedaled home to promises of a pie in mama’s new stone pie dish, and we still have the full day to dig in the dirt and read books and play games.

It’s looking like a great weekend!

morning play of the new room-mates (and K's new teeth-baring grin 😉 )


morning workout

Beginning of berries: clean, smiling, ready to sample the harvest

helps to have the Tall One with us

a most bountiful berry patch



annnd...done! Filthy and sleepy and ready to go home to berry-filled dreams


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