boys oh boys…!!!

Ultrasounds (when the news is good and the pregnancy is progressing well) are a special experience. That first glimpse of beating heart, moving limbs, somersaults and kicks. The news of health and dates and, for some, announcement of gender.

After much waiting and much delay, we finally received an appointment for an ultrasound and some long-awaited information on this little life.

First, there IS life within me! Alive and well, this baby was already flipping about and chewing on a fist.

Next, we have a due date! While the timing of the ultrasound was somewhat awkward (so, it really could be a week earlier or later), my predicition of a date later than the ‘cycle wheel’ was correct. We are expecting an arrival around February 3rd, just days after my own birthday.

And finally, after many predictions and much discussions and too many hours spent wondering, it’s a…


Amidst much laughter and shaking of heads, we welcomed the news of our third (and likely final) son. From what we can see this early on, he’s healthy and well, and already up to all kinds of shenanigans in preparation for keeping up with his brothers.

So hurray hurray hurra for us! A son of blessing! A man-child to fill our home with joy and strength.

Now, a moment for a bit of a divided conversation with myself, which some of you may have experienced yourself.

Upon hearing the news of another boy, there was no disappointment. There was joy at the addition of a son; laughter at the picture of THREE hooligan boys; anticipation at the thought of ‘The Daniels Brothers’ stepping out, together, into the world.

Yet, aside, and separate from that, there is a deep awareness of the absence of a daughter.
I was raised in quite a matriarchal home. The grandmother on my mother’s side was the one we all looked to. The land has been passed from mother to daughter. The name Anna has been carried throughout the various branching families. As strained and unique and sometimes ridiculous the relationships of women and mother and daughter have been in my family, I still expected, and looked towards, continuing the line myself.
There was a time when the prospect of a daughter seemed daunting, fearful even, but that passed. From there, the idea of seeing an expression of myself; new and untainted and totally unique; brought hope and life. Further, the idea of witnessing my husband raising and loving upon a tiny girl-child from my own line brought hope that he would be drawn into a more gentle and compassionate love for me as well. I pictured her through the lens of old photos of myself. I looked forward to teaching her about the natural world and cycles and roles. I played with various expressions of the name Anna.
Each of my three brothers has been blessed with at least one daughter, and the Anna-line continues through them and my cousins. Yet today we discovered that it is fairly unlikely that me, the one daughter in my own family, will carry a girl in my body. Amazing….

It is likely that she would have been named EveAnna Felicity. Eve preceding Anna to give direction back to the first Annas; that of the scripture (the one who prayed so faithfully in the temple) and the of my dear Anna of my family line. Felicity was chosen years ago by Jeremy after reading City of God by Augustine, and means ‘perfect happiness’. Beautiful!

Anyways. This is a side note. I hesitated to share as I didn’t want to draw attention away from the announcement of a son, but I feel it’s still fitting as we step back and reflect upon the maturing and growing and filling-out of our family.

We are brimming with anticipation of our new child. ON the way home from our walk this evening, we may have come close to finalizing a name (it’s good; strong and unique, of course 😉 ). I can’t wait to meet him. I really can’t even imagine this gang, this brotherhood.

Three sons. THREE SONS!!


I am a woman MOST blessed.

And they’d better marry some great gals! 😉

Best to you and your sons and your daughters and your hopes and your prayers….

9 Responses to “boys oh boys…!!!”
  1. Anonymous says:

    How exciting! I too have three boys… and have gone through the emotions of the absence of a daughter, but I am SO blessed by my boys… I’ll pass along something that a good friend told me when our last and final son was born…
    God knew that we could raise Godly men, and that’s why he blessed us with boys…
    i TRUELY believe with all of my heart that you and J have a special calling to raise up men of faith!
    I write this comment as all three of my boys are runnign around the yard playing tag… you are going to have so much fun! 🙂

  2. kristin says:

    opps that comment was from me. 🙂

  3. So awesome! A family of boys! Congratulations!

    I know what you mean though. We have 2 sons and I can’t imagine my life any different. So grateful they are here with us and have filled our little family so beautifully! That being said, that call of all things feminine is there. I can’t deny it. It’s likely we won’t have any more. I cherish the thought of some day adopting a girl, w-a-y in the future. We shall see how life unfolds. Always, God gives us to care for who we are meant to care for. So I am the happy mom of joyful, energetic boys and what a thrilling ride it is!


  4. Kmarie says:

    Yay. What fun! Suits you. I understand the daughter thing- what women doesn’t to some extent? But my daughter relationship is turning out different than I imagined. I love it but the boys r just as great in other ways. Congrats.

  5. thismama says:

    You are truly blessed! Congratulations my friend. Wow! Three boys!!:)

  6. kris says:

    regular reader, new commenter…and a mum of 3 boys! congrats! it’s wonderful to see the the sweet connection between little brothers. 🙂

  7. Dana Fiorito says:

    I don’t know if I missed a girls email somewhere, but my OH my!!! Three boys! What a delight!!! Seriously. I know you will be as blessed as we have been by our three sons. Thank you for sharing your heart so honestly and putting into such beautiful words your feelings. God knows your family, which babies you will hold. Who knows what plans He has for you and Jer!

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