food instead of thought

I wanted to get ahead with some food prep’, and so spent the day chopping and grilling and putting things away for another day on the table.

A few new things found there way into our menu, and I just have to recommend them!

Amazing zucchini-based hummus—so clever! A girlfriend gave me a sample of her batch yesterday and I simply had to try it out for myself. Peronsally, I think it’s much closer to baba ganoush than hummus as it’s made from squash instead of legumes. The original recipe can be seen here. I modified it to the following (Exactly my own hummus recipe, but with tahini instead of peanut butter and squash instead of beans).

Zucchini Baba

Zucchini (roasted/grilled, cut into chunks, about 3 cups)
¼ cup lemon juice
¼ cup tahini
2 cloves of garlic
1 tsp cumin
sea salt to taste

zucchini dip, nutty crackers, garden fare, yard eggs= lunch!

We served the dip with the crackers from the same site, just down the page (though we only made a half batch). They went over really well and we polished them off in one sitting. I’ll totally do them again, and experiment with various nuts and seeds. Given the heat of the day and my new fondness for attempting to cook all things outside on the grill, we threw the crackers out there as well. Perfect!
( Yes, I take pictures of my food…. 😉 )

nuts and seeds, light, stone, simplicity.

add some eggs and oil

cooked on the grill (the white'ish stuff is just the coconut oil simmering in it)


As the day progressed, we blended up some soup, harvest some garden greens, and chose a flat bread to go with the (outdoor grilled) salmon. The flat bread was originally rec’d by this mama from this site. I did a 50/50 mix of buckwheat and quinoa, eggs instead of psylium, and cracked salt on top. I over-grilled the first batch (saved a few for crackers), but the second one turned out great! One weird thing is that the boys weren’t fans…at all. Knightley kept trying to taste his and then kept crying. Weird…I actually really liked how they turn out. We had them slathered with the zuch’ dip and as a wrap with grilled salmon and veggies. Hm. The boys later finished theirs with raspberries smeared on them, so…that’s something.

spread the batter as think or thick as you like

and onto the grill with some garden chard

Anyways. It was a fun day for food, though somewhat exhausting by evening time. I still made myself go to the (free and awesome!) cardio class put on by the town, and it was well worth my time. Now I’m home and hungry and having an evening plate of farm eggs and crackers, but wishing I were eating these. Seriously, these are exactly what I’m craving now. If it weren’t so late and if I had triple the energy, I’d totally toss these together. Now…if YOU have the energy to whip these up…feel free to send me a box! 😉

I’m off. Much going on. Much life swirling about the heart and head. I find that my default to keeping things light or out of my mind is to cook. I guess the kitchen will remain busy for awhile yet!

One Response to “food instead of thought”
  1. Alicia says:

    Delicious, all of it! & Wow candied bacon, I see some recipe hopping in the near future.

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