in the middle of the night

somewhere past 1:00am

Some nights are meant to be shared…. With a cold that’s going past one week and a mouthful of budding and bruising new little teeth, the Middle One just will not rest. He was sleeping. We all were. But something awoke him and then he woke his brother and we’ve spent the past, oh…close to two hours now, snuggling and walking and discussing.

Dear little Knightley. You’re the baby for now, the wee’est of the wee ones for about five months longer.  Do you sense that change is coming? That these quiet moments alone with your Mama won’t last for too long? Are you ready to step into this big new role as the new big brother?
My baby boy…stay a baby just a wee bit longer. Let’s snuggle together and press our cheeks. Brush those lashes against mine as you cling to my hair and I whisper midnight sounds.

He’s settling down, snuggling in now. His brother has made one final extra last potty trip. I’m eating these cuz what else would a pregnant mama do in that pause of waiting and listening to see if this time he’s really asleep?

Our lives are spinning along and each day seems to bring a new shape and shift. I’ll be tired tomorrow, but I had one more moment, one more snuggle, one more feel of cheeks and lashes. Someday I’ll look back and remember these nights, so for now, I will choose to count it joy.


Thoughts? Comments? Hmm....

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