Growing the flock

Once upon a time, we purchased a crate of hens. We wanted some truly ‘free range organic’ eggs (the ‘real’ ones are around $6 in the store!!) and we thought it’d be a great way to show Jeremiah the origin and value of food, along with some routine chores and basic animal husbandry. As mentioned previously, I’d always wanted hens, J had finally come around, and we thought we’d give it a go.

What we didn’t realize is that laying hens are pretty rad creatures! Not only do they gift us each day with a precious addition to our plate, but they’ve got personality! These gals are funny. They’re clever. They’re downright…entertaining. And sure, they poop and eat some purchased feed and cluck a bit too loudly (especially during morning production!) but they are definitely proving their worth.
Watching our hens run around the grass we keep commenting that “our hens must be the happiest chickens in the province!” They run! They catch bugs! They dig and roll in the sand (quite a sight when the whole gang is digging in). They settle in with my babes and allow themselves to be cuddled. They compost our leftovers in a whole different manner 😉 They’re really the most likeable hennies I’ve ever met.

So then.

We began with five and then…um…we added a couple more. Unfortunately, one of the news gals is especially proud of her laying and can be heard across the alley—yikers! She needs to settle down or else she’ll be joining us for Sunday soup 😉

I’m off to tidy and settle in for the evening…and to pass off two dozen eggs to a neighbor for our first egg sale! (Let me know if you’re interested!)

Until the next critters come… 😉

li'l chicken shepherd (a...chick-herd?)

Ducky during her recovery time in the greenhouse

nourishing gifts

One Response to “Growing the flock”
  1. Lola says:

    I can’t believe you can sell that many eggs! We have 8 chicks (15 more growing up fast) but we can easily eat a dozen eggs a day so it’s going to take us a while before we can actually start selling them 🙂

    And don’t you love the exuberant egg laying? here it’s humerous but I guess in town it wouldn’t be so much… although, If I were your neighbor, I would like it.

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