New Season…

It’s J’s last night at home for awhile, and you’d think we’d be packing it in, but I’m just trying to tie up the last bits of life before the most active parent and housekeeper leaves the building! (And he’s trying to finish one of our shared books so he can leave it behind for me! 😉 )

It’s been a great weekend. We’ve shared lots of walks and I’ve been absolutely drinking in the open spaces of prairie and sky. It feels as though life and thought has been so packed and intense, that stepping into a field leads me to literally gulp the air and stretch my arms and stare. It’s a simple kind of beauty out here, but it’s nourishing. It’s perfect for the now.

Anyways. I need to get off the screen and go stare at my husband for awhile (and maybe share a bowl of popcorn and a blanket). But I thought i’d give you a glimpse into my grand attempt at “mama-at-home organization!”. It’s been a long time (like…three years) since I’ve been the full-time parent/housekeeper. I mean, we had the whole student thing during the winter, but that was a very different kind of (dark and terrible) insanity within my soul, and I’m not hoping to repeat it! This time around, I’m diving in with some realistic expectations, the knowledge that ‘no, J isn’t going to be around to help’, the fact that this might be life for awhile, and the grand hope that I can totally pull this off while pregnant, without a vehicle, anemic, in the winter, with two babes…oh man.

Here’s a glimpse. It was helpful to me to see other’s schedules this season, so perhaps this will be helpful to you. It’s pretty personal, but oh well. Oh, and it doesn’t kick in till Wednesay cuz I’m just not ready yet!

Best to you. Now go hold your spouse close and be thankful for another evening together! 🙂

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6:30 (if J’s home: Mama sleeps) Mama up, prepare for the day.
Breakfast started. Mama coffee & email.
(if J’s home: Mama sleeps)

Boys invited out of room! Watch out!!!
Knightley bottle/ mama cooks/

7:30 J does Big Breakfast (when home)

Family Breakfast. Present plan for the day.

Get boys dressed.

‘Gampas cereal’ for boys, cartoons, games. Mama sleeps in if J home.


Jmiah gathers eggs and feeds Cana. K in jumper or toys.

Dishes, tidy counters & bathrooms

8:30 Bake Bread
Lunch Prep
Mama exercise Laundry Mama exercise Chicken House Cleaning Mama exercise
9:00 Everyone cleaned up and ready Learning Fun!
(K nap? Morning Snack?)
Mom’s Group Out
Learning Fun!

(K nap? Morning Snack?)

Mama’s Morning Home

(Coffee gals, Skype dates, play dates, massive cleaning, lesson prep’, etc)

9:30 Church
(leave by 9:45!)
Walk to Parent Link on Main ST (10-11:30) Jem’s chores and getting ready for the day

(J home: Mama’s morning out alone?)

11:30 Lunch prep Lunch prep Lunch Prep Lunch & Supper prep
12:00 Soup & Bread Lunch Lunch out on the way home!
(picnic, friends)
Lunch Lunch Any errands on Main St? Review groceries, etc. (Pick-up pizza to share as monthly treat) Lunch

Knightley Nap

Jmiah Quiet time

Mama…sit. (& sip second cuppa & breathe…)


Knightley up Snack time for all

Bread prep’ for the week


House cleaning (especially Weds & Sat), Boy play time together

Supper Prep


Guests for Supper?



Walk (if nice weather) or boy-baths


Walk (if nice weather) or boy-baths


Show/story with boys, cuddles/bottle/dessert, fold laundry


Bedtime for Boys: PJ’s, clean-up, story, prayers. Tucked in by 7:30.

7:30 Bonfires, gatherings, ??? Writing
(J home: Mama @ cardio class)
Mama Mindlessness Writing

(J home: Mama @ cardio class)

Crafting @ home Movie & Nacho Night! Company Night and/or baking

Breakfast prep’, quick tidy, Mama shower, books/shows/phone, bed….

6 Responses to “New Season…”
  1. Lola says:

    You’ll do great. You have lots of lovely women around you to help as well.

  2. Lola says:

    And if you want to really quickly increase your iron levels in your blood, take your b-vits and take 500-1000 mgs of vitamin C with red meat daily or every other day and it will come up quickly. If you REALLY want to increase it fast ( like within a week or two) take the vitamin C with grass-fed beef liver daily. 🙂

  3. Dea' says:

    Oh, thanks Lola!! Those are some great iron tips!
    (and I’m working on finding quality liver…)

    • thismama says:

      Try T-K ranch, that is where we got our meat from and they are the best source I know of, decent prices for quality meat, and they deliver just outside of town. You can also get beef and pork fat for making excellent tallow and lard (seriously, I wish I had discovered them sooner just for the pork fat as it was so much better than any other! no smell at all.) and chicken backs and necks for soup.

  4. Kit says:

    Love the way you described the prairies! And live the schedule. I actually have one that looks like it on the side if my fridge! Except mine is def less detailed. It’s biggest purpose is to tell me what to make for dinner!

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