makeup men

I like make-up.

No really, I DO!

I don’t often wear it. I’m not great at applying it. But, given the time and effort and a good reason for it, I like what it does to my (scarred, red, irritated…) face.

When I was pregnant with Jeremiah and we were in our time of reviewing, well, everything in our life, make-up and body care products came under scrutiny. Consequently, we tossed all the paraben/fragrance/chemical laden goods and found other options. For the most part, we began making (and still do make) our own products for most of our housekeeping and body-care needs. Make-up, however, has been an area I’ve allowed one ‘big shop’ with every summer.

I purchase my mineral makeup online at this site. Until this year, I did one browse-and-shop each June (this year, I skipped it and was making things last through an extra year. Partially circumstances, partially the fact that I haven’t had the time or inclination to look at my face or think of anything pretty!).

Well then.

So I have a bit of my precious stash left, and won’t be purchasing more for awhile.
well, interestingly enough, my eldest BOY has taken quite an interest in these products as of late. We’ve discussed that it’s generally the mamas who wear the makeup and the papas who wear the whiskers, but that there are exceptions both ways 😉 This all seemed fine and well until I stumbled into this:

on the trail of a make-up hoodlum!

and back-tracking led to this!

Boys will be…creative!

and still boys 😉

It’s an interesting place here these days. We’re having fun 🙂

One Response to “makeup men”
  1. oh no!! that’s so sad. LaeAnna has gotten into my makeup a number of times, no matter where i hide it or how many times we go over, ‘you don’t touch without asking mama first’. her apparent love of makeup outweighs the consequences i guess…

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