Mid-Week Moments

J is a on the road but still a few hours from home. Given the state of this house after the ruckus of an afternoon…I’m thankful! Ha, if he were to walk in this minute I’m not sure he could find us in the midst of things! (Someone, please, relate?)

In the midst and mess and mix of things, there have been many opportunities to choose to laugh (and many in which I haven’t…)

Things that make me go “HA!” (and…aiyiYI!)

–          “Uh oh Mama, Knightley pooped on the floor!”

–          “But I WUV dog food!”

–          “Uh oh…Knightley’s sad!”

–          “I eat boogers!!!”

–          “Mama look! Your chocolate!”

–          “Double oops!”

–          “But I WUV to wake Knightley up!”

–          “You’re not the mama, Mama!”

–          “Look Mama, I picked lots of your ‘matos!”

–          “Uh oh Mama…someone let the chickens out….”

–          “But I need to wash the chickens!”

–          “No Mama, don’t sing anymore…”

And things that make go “Aw…”

–           “You’re a good helper Mama.”

–          “YUMMY YUMMY YUM YUM!”

–          “Let’s cuddle”

Alright. I’m off to find my kitchen. Must…clean…the kitchen….

I’m so gonna be sleeping by the time he gets home….

5 Responses to “Mid-Week Moments”
  1. Kit says:

    I love the Jem quotes. 🙂

  2. Sara L says:

    So cute! “I wuv to wake up Knightley!” That cracks me up… but over on my side of the fence I think it would make me crack! ha! I put a child proof lock on the outside of Meegan’s door for that reason. Nathan also loves that… ah boys eh.

    • Dea' says:

      Haha, that’s a great idea…if they weren’t sharing a room! Oh man, have you heard the screaming from this side of the fence? What a night! I’m on the umpteenth load of laundry, have the boys tied to the beds (jk!), and am hoping to have a shower, wash the floors (see Jem quotes for explanation as to why!), get sheets on the bed, and have everything looking halfway to normal by the time he walks in. Hm, sad to say, J might find his wife sprawled on those newly cleaned floors…fast asleep!

      Hope bed time is going well for both of you, Sarah and Kit. Oh what a sweet and crazy calling!

  3. Kmarie says:

    Oh this made me laugh. Yup, I had days like that ( minus the chickens) when the kids were under three. L once said he had a gift for me and pushed poop under his door. Then we wondered why our house smelt – turns out he also put some in the heating vents over the winter. Yup. That was a smelly winter!

  4. Re: Jem quotes and Kmarie

    lol I’m glad I’m not the only one with those kinds of poop adventures!

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