Oh crap!

[Warning: This is not the post I envisioned for today. Actually, there’s another in the works that might yet make it up, we’ll see. I just had to throw this out there and see if anyone has anyone grand insight. It’s gross and icky and unpleasant, but a mama’s gotta do what a mama’s…..]

There is a stench in the air. It hovers somewhere between chicken scat and rancid goat milk. It.is.NASTY.

There’s something up with Knightley and I don’t know what. I really have no desire to write a poop-post, no desire at all, but I do know that the majority of my readers are mamas, many are experienced in crap, some have medical connections/insight/experience, and at the very least, if some random childless male stumbles along this, perhaps he’ll get a laugh at my expense.

So then.

Something’s up with Mr. Knightley, and it’s not pretty.
I think it started about a week ago…up to two…. His ‘passings’ changed from normal’ish (he’s really never produced much solid anything, his diapers aren’t generally pleasant on a normal day) but that general unpleasantness shift to nastiness. Naaaaastiness. When an ‘episode’ happens, we generally smell it from afar or step in it. Yup, step in it. He is now uncontainable. We generally use cloth, this week I’m using three different brands of disposables and a whole lotta outfits for everyone. Uncontainable. I have to put a blanket in the stroller. I’m trying to remember to pack an extra shirt for myself. I’m washing the floor twice a day and am running low on vinegar and tea tree in my attempt to keep the smell and scum to a dull sheen. Nas-ty.

Details (ha!)
– No change in appetite.
– No vomiting or burping.
– Some change in demeanor? A bit more tired, but possible due to filling his pj’s in the night?
– Increased thirst (pumping the water into him!)
– Diapers are…pasty-to-liquid-to-mucus. Yellow and green. Rancid smelling. Hardly solid enough to scrape a sample, if I go that route. (note: Jem had crazy stomach issues his first year while nursing. We did about 5 rounds of samples and were given ideas from lactose to bacteria to cystic fibrosis! We never did find anything concrete, and once he was weaned he was fine. This is opposite; fine while nursing, now randomly ridiculous)
– Thoughts: Could he have ingested some nasty bacteria or parasite? Yup. He could, quite possibly, quite likely, have ingested pet food, chicken crap, sand, grass, chalk, dirt, etc. More than likely.

So…now what? Seriously, help. Do I take him in? We don’t’ have a family doctor so taking him in (as far as I know…) means sitting in emerg’ with the two of them for however long, and then, most likely, been told to go home and collect a sample and come back another day. Maybe it’s worth it, I mean, I’ve got to figure this out…. He can’t go one like this ,he’s filled three more diapers since dinner! The only other options I can think of is to do some kind of herbal cleanse or something….


I need some help. Insight. Suggestions. I’m sorry this was so gross, but it IS gross and it’s not stopping. Help!



8 Responses to “Oh crap!”
  1. Carissa says:

    Sounds like teething poop to me. There is no containing it. It will pass. Literally;) Ha!!

  2. Lola says:

    could be lotsa things. If he’s not dehydrated I would give him probiotics for a few days and if it’s a bacteria or virus that should take care of it. If it won’t go away you could take him in but honestly, I don’t know if they’ll be able to help much unless he’s dehydrated. Has he had any new foods? That’s all I’ve got. Usually these things just resolve themselves.

  3. kristin says:

    I agree with Lola… a good round of probiotics might level out his intestinal issues, it’s worth a try. Our son Daniel actually had the mucusy nasty gross smelling poo (it looked a lot like what you are dealing with with knightley)… and we discovered that it was because he couldn’t handle dairy products. Not the lactose part, but the actual protien part of it. we found esspecially when he had any yogurt it was REALLY bad. That MIGHT be a possibility, but i don’t always think it’s a food allergy… just evaluate how much dairy you are giving him ( yogurts, cheeses and milks ) maybe cut back on it for a bit. Are you still breastfeeding him at at? What kind of milk does he get, goat? cow?
    It may just be that he’s ingested some chicken poo and he’s got some tummy issues going on from the nasties in that. When our ducks started freeranging the yard our kids all the sudden got the terrible runs and were randomly throwing up… Well you think we would have thought better then to let the kids run around barefoot around where the ducks were hanging out. Now they MUST always were shoes in the yard.. because the chickens and turkeys and ducks still come out to freerange in our yard every so often. Anyway.. needless to say, the chicken poo may be getting into his system messing him up. I would say that if he starts to become dehydtarted, his attitude changes and he is fussy, this goes on for more then a month with different attempts to figure out the problem, or he is running a fever i would bring him in.

  4. Jesse says:

    My little one had something very similar to what you are describing. It was rota-virus and it was NASTY!!! It took about two weeks to pass…then his brother had it…ugh…but it did clear up all on it’s own. We did to A LOT of laundry though

  5. Cortney says:

    New here (From FarmMamas site, hi!) but I agree with Jesse above, sounds like rota-virus to me. My three got it last year, one after the other with the youngest having it the worst….. it was not fun or pretty. We kept fluids and yogurt in them. Good luck 😦

  6. Jamie says:

    I don’t know. I was going to say the probiotics thing. But would suggest this about the uncontainable-ness: put him in onesies (over his diaper, of course). They’ll get gross and you’ll have to change them every time you change him but at least you won’t be stepping in it. That’s the best I’ve got, sorry!

  7. Brenda M says:

    Maybe give Jackie Boyd a call? Boyd’s Alternative Health: 1.877.931.4372.

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