One Year

One year ago today….

I began laboring in the wee early hours and called Jeremy down from the ranch (I had been staying with my in-laws for the previous weeks). A slow morning, irregular contractions, a nap, a walk, and then a sudden mad dash to the hospital for a most beautiful birth (as recorded here).

It’s been one whole year since he made his beautiful arrival. A year! Since his birth, we’ve moved from that mountain ranch, over to Edmonton, picked up some more schooling, worked through the experience of pracitum and waiting and unemployment, and settled in to our old-new town, back where it all began. Through it all, this tough and bright chunk of a boy has brought light and life.

Knightley draws smiles from grumpy old men. He charms doctors into oogly-googly baby chatter. He draws attention away from the sermon with his bashful grin and reaching arms. He makes single gals swoon with his baby-blond curls. He pauses his Papa from any task for a snuggle. He causes his elder brother to burst into laughter. 

He’s got his mama woven through and around every curl and cheek and chuckle.

Knightley is simply a beautiful person. He brims with light. He gives. He seems so aware of others and so eager to gift them with comfort and joy.

In giving me this son, our Father gave me a most beautiful gift.

On this, his birthday, I celebrate his life and rejoice that our family has been made so much more beautiful through his presence.


NoteL Our family’s slowly developing birthday tradition is to give to others on our birthdays. Check out our favorite way to do this!

6 Responses to “One Year”
  1. thismama says:

    This is beautiful Dea, and wow, a year! Happy Birthday little Knightley!

  2. Missy says:

    Oh and that loan lending seems like a really neat idea…I am going to look into a little more when I have the chance!

  3. Melanie says:

    Happy Birthday to Knightley!

    Such a beautiful post and tribute!

  4. Jamie says:

    Happy birthday, Knightley!

  5. Kmarie says:

    oh he is beautiful! Happy Birthday…and I adore Kiva. Such a great idea:)

    • Ericka says:

      Angie Harbin – I can’t believe how beuftiual these photos are! What I really can’t believe is how did my pretty little girl get all grown up? When did she get married to such a handsome man? And she had 2 beuftiual boys? Wow time flys. And thats why you need photography to remind you of those precious stages in life .Thank You Bree for such a special gift, love to you, Angie

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