after the weekend


Wow…how’d we arrive at Tuesday already?

Somewhere between Friday’s post and this evening, our home and family enjoyed all kinds of moments. Within them, I think there are about twenty individual blog posts (with photos to go along!). Honestly, every few hours I felt as though I were making mental notes of things that I “just have to post”. But, the days flew and the moments were lived out and now I’ll just share the glimpses through the fog of the after.

Our weekend felt a bit like Christmas. J’ came home late on Friday night, we stayed up even later, and Saturday was a day for our family. We listened to carols (yeah, we’re that family), walked and talked and played, enjoyed treats and books and games, and then tucked the boys in early and shared an evening of comedic sitcoms and dessert. It was just so thoroughly pleasant, and I was brimming with thankfulness that my Love was home with us.

Sunday was filled with the arrival of my parents, whom we haven’t seen in quite some time. They poured out hours of energy onto the boys and, incredibly enough, kept up with them between the playground and Lego and chickens and soccer ball and books and everything else. Jeremiah remains convinced that Grandpa k’ is waiting for him at the playground.
We shared a good ol’ Thanksgiving dinner (or, as Jem says, a “feast feast feast FEAST!”). Turkey, yams, broccoli salad, berries, and lots of gravy. Personally, I loooove a good roasted bird dinner. I’m fine without the potatoes or rolls or whatever, but some good bird and gravy and berries, hm hm hm! Suffice to say, it was pretty good stuff 😉

And the days flew. The sun shone. The boys played. And life happened.

Interestingly enough, I felt…tired, after it all. I think, in the midst of all the fun and festivities, there was much emotion and reflection and deep feeling. It’s taking my today to find my feet again, and to get back into the flow of things. I feel some contemplative posts coming in the future….

Anyways. It’s evening. The boys have been especially busy today; the norm for the first few days after the ‘papa party time’. They’re difficult to keep up with and I find that, more often than not, I’m overlooking aspects of attention and discipline and awareness that really should be addressed. But again, another post for another time. For now, I’m going to sit and nibble on a teeny warm brownie, read a little, and (hopefully) tuck in early.

I wish you all a week of continued thankfulness as we move deeper into autumn….

collecting autumn decor

ohh, pretty finished product!

entryway greeting (fully and completely and unabashedly inspired by


soaking up papa papa papa....two days of cuddles and moments

perfect weather, perfect saturday


thanksgiving tree (again, inspired by the delightfully creative Marissa)


2 Responses to “after the weekend”
  1. thismama says:

    I love that you used some of my inspiration! It sounds like you had a beautiful weekend. I keep wanting to blog about ours but am too tired to even type coherent sentences…maybe next week;)

  2. Dan Renton says:

    Dee! Liz and I will be in Three Hills Next week! and I would love to see you!

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