Sometimes, at the end of the day, you’ve just gotta laugh 🙂
(and praise the Lord that it’s the end of the day!)

Here are some phrases as heard in this home this week:

From Jem:
“My baby sister is hurting my tummy, see, oww…”
“Aw, mama, you’re getting big just like me!”

and me:
“Boys who push their brothers don’t get bacon!!!”
“So I’m eating an obscenely large amount of taco salad…for breakfast lunch and dinner…so what?”
“Sure sweetie, you can have some cod liver oil, but only after you finish eating your squash, okaaaay? ;)”
Me: “Well son, butter makes mama happy…” Jem: “And cream?” me: “Um, yes, and cream”

It’s been a day. My fog is finally clearing, pushed out by an afternoon migraine and freshened by a walk in the cool air and the gift of a warm and creamy dinner on my stove upon returning home. Perspective, right?
Now, I have a pile of laundry staring at me down the hall.  I swear it’s coming nearer. I refuse to give in to its demands! 😉 Tonight, I’m putting on cozies and tucking in early. Tomorrow “has enough trouble of its own” and, in the late evening, I have a (real, live, not me) babysitter coming for a couple of hours and I’m going to a (real, live, glad-it-wasn’t-today) Book Club! I’m livin’ it up! (Hm…I might even pick her up early…. )

So then. Until our next conversation….



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