goin’ with it

You know those days where you scrub the floor really well, and then the dog rolls in the dirt and walks in on it?

You know those days when you scrub the floor really well, again, because there’s a call that the Papa is suddenly coming home early (after a month away!) so you scrub while prepping a beautiful supper…and then the kids dump that (lovingly prepared) crock pot meal onto said floor?


You know those days where, for some reason, you scrub the floor yet again with the cold scummy water that’s still left, and then the children decide the dog should clean the floor so they dump the rest of their suppers throughout the kitchen so said grassy/dusty canine can drool over? But really it’s alright because the Papa’s schedule is changed yet again so he won’t be home for supper anyways….


Oh those unexpected days!

I have been looking forward to this evening for awhile. I’ve got a gang of girlfriends heading over, a sweet film, and all kinds of yummy nacho fixings. But then last night,  sometime before midnight, the power went out. With the power, went the heat and internet and everything else…including Jeremiah’s nightlight. So, from midnight past 3:00am we discussed cuddles and the ‘big town battery’ and the need for double-paned windows and flashlights, as well as the need for a plan in the off-chance of ‘early labour in the middle of winter with no heat, lights, or outside contact’.

The day went from there; right from sleep deprived three-year olds all the way to excessive attempts at floor washing and half-hearted attempts at showers and much too many servings of caffeine.

Ah yes. But somehow, I’m laughing. These days, there is little that goes as planned. I mean, seriously, a full town power outage? And then J’ suddenly heading out…then not…then yes…then…ha! This kind of life really begs for open hands and easy laughter. We just can’t know. I think as we let go of the plan and the expectations, we’re able to just enjoy.

Anyways. This isn’t the post I began for today, and I’m not going to concern myself with the sentence structure or overall silliness of it all just now. For now, happy Thursday friends!
I wish you all rest in the mind,  if not sleep in the night; friends at hand, if not spouses at home; patience in tone, if not pleasure with actions; and Life in the unexpected.

PS. Haha. So I thought I could jot this down quick while Jem was in the tub and Knight’ was having his bottle. That is…until I heard noise in the pantry-hall and discovered my wet and naked three year old dousing the (still wet) floor with quinoa. Quinoa! Oh my…. Whoever enters this home this evening is going to just have to take it with a grain of salt (or quinoa).

Good evening!

4 Responses to “goin’ with it”
  1. Sara L says:

    Oh you are so wise to laugh! Seriously, days like that can either send a person to the looney bin or you just hafta stop and laugh. It’s almost to unreal to be true! Washing the floor 3 times, whew! You must be tired, lol So is J coming home then? Are you still have the girls night?

  2. Sara L says:

    ps- Oh I could have given you a flashlight… I was up till 2am with Nathan…

  3. I definitely think sometimes moms laugh to ward off madness 😉

    Thick, heavy curtains help keep the heat in too! I remember my mom sewing a boatload of them our first winter at the cabin.

    What a night that power outage gave so many people!

  4. Kmarie says:

    Yup crazy night. There is another one tonight from 1- 4 am ( I think) just got the phone call- so grab a flashlight Missy;)

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