My day floated (swirled? flushed?) along lemon-and-honey tea.
Knightley has some of the same in his sippy cup.
Jeremiah had some because he thought it’d be nice to have ‘tea time’.

still smiling

the sweetest little sicko ever

We’re a house of sickos and I need you to share some (natural, pregnancy safe) remedies! Why? Cuz The Towns ‘bug’ has got us and I honestly cannot lose anymore sleep. And Knightley looks way too miserable. And my throat has never ever hurt this much. So I need a new plan.

I just tried putting Knightley back down. Had some warm milk and honey. Not a great remedy, but at least it tasted nice. Found info’ on some ‘sure cures’.
So…I’m sitting here drinking a steam cup of garlic, cloves, honey, lemon, and ginger. My word! Seriously?

It’s a good thing there’s no man waking up next to me in the morning! 😉

Oh, and in these seasons, this always bring some comfort (and I’m sure more than a few wives can relate 😉







14 Responses to “”
  1. kristin says:

    I had the nastiest sore thoat a few weeks ago.. nothing was helping until i remembered what my mom use to tell me when i was little. Gargle warm salt water… It soothed the pain down to tolerable. That’s hte only suggestion i have! Hope everyone feels better soon!!!!

    • Dea' says:

      Thanks Kristin! I finally tried it at 1:30am. It didn’t do much, but was worth a shot 🙂 Today I’m expecting to sip loads more garlic and honey and other weird concoctions… 😉

  2. thismama says:

    Well since it looks like you have an infection, I would suggest collodial silver (Peter’s Pharm is the best price). As with any medicine natural or not, I wouldn’t suggest taking it everyday all the time as some people do, but we have found that it clears up infections quite quickly. I gave the girls a tsp twice a day if I remember correctly. Onion cut up by the bed helps with breathing a bit. Elderberry and Echinecea are good immune boosters….and of course lots of chicken broth! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. I blogged all of my suggestions a while ago…… if I were you I’d try the tomato tea straight away. Also, would you like a few jars of chili for supper tonight? Email me if you do, and I’ll bring it by at some point today.

  4. sadie says:

    hey, this is exactly what we had and taking some colloidial silver is a good safeguard, but I don’t think it’s bacterial at all, it’s just the nastiest virus EVER! Keep up the honey lemon, adding sage helps soothe the throat too. We had lots of warm baths help with the eye goop, and in the interest of full disclosure, I did end up taking buckleys some of those really bad nights. If Beth brings you chili tonight I can bring you soup tomorrow.

    • Dea' says:

      Sadie…I’m so sad this is what you guys had!! My word 😦 I’ve become way too much of a ‘hindsight’ person. I’m so glad that you had some of the more ‘with it and aware’ gals to bring you soup and such cuz I sure understand the nastiness of this thing now. (OH, and really, Buckleys? Oh my good gracious, what IS this world coming to!?! 😉 )

      Um, and yes…soup tomorrow would be crazy lovely, if you’re actually up to it and now still wading through gunk and craziness.

  5. thismama says:

    Oh Sadie, I love you and your fully disclosure!:)
    Oh and for the gunky eyes…if they seem itchy, breast milk applied to the eyes always helps my girls (okay maybe mine too) although, maybe you aren’t nursing right now?

    • Dea' says:

      Haha, yes, the breast milk has been in discussion! (my own supply is low though there’s some available from, er, others sources 😉 ) I ended up using whole raw goats milk and it’s help a lot. It was so so sad trying to scrape his eyes out after it had all hardened in the morning. Poor boy. The milk was much softer on him.

  6. Alicia says:

    My favorites are garlic, ginger tea and colloidal silver. Hoping rest is not so elusive for you & the boys soon..Soup and colloidal silver is on the way before lunch today.

    • Dea' says:

      Such a beautiful moment in our slow and throaty day 🙂 Loved seeing you. Can’t believe it’s ‘that’ soup-stuff. So perfect.

  7. Kmarie says:

    The breast milk suggestion reminds me of when i was desperate enough to “borrow” some of Lola’s when my kids had eye infections. it worked. I see no problem with that sort of thing…we are all women after all and we do what works…same sort of functions:) It really really does work after about 4 administrations. All of the above suggestions are great and it sound like you are being taken care of by your amazing neighbours! Philip mentioned if you need shovelling this year while J is gone he would love to help out that way. Just send an email our way if that is needed. It’s really no problem:)

  8. Jamie says:

    some good suggestions on this page:

    breast milk in the eyes of my kiddos has always cleared gunk up right away.

    for you, i’d try gargling with peroxide. (not straight. might want to check online as to how much to dilute it – i usually do 50/50 with water.) it’s gross but it works SO much better than salt water.

    eating super spicy foods always helps me too, at least to clear out the sinuses.

  9. Sara L says:

    Ok I’ll be the really wierd one here… Gargle hydrogen peroxide. (that would be you, for your throat, not Knightly!) Seriously, it works. Start with it diluted and work your way up to full strength, if needed. It’ll froth up if there’s infection. After getting sick every pregnancy and not being able to take things, this is such a blessing! Oh, for congestion, peppermint oil… I hope you guys get better soon!! Sooo glad that people are bringing you soup! What great friends you have!

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