Crazy Night Recipe #1

You know those nights (or months…) where supper time arrives and you just don’t know what to put on the plates? That was tonight. And every night this month. Yikers!

Tonight, Dea’, the cooker and baker and ohh-i-love-food creator, was at a loss…again. Reviewing our day I knew we were higher on the carby/oaty side of things then usual (oats for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, fruit in between), so the boys needed some veggies and protein. At the same time, I knew I didn’t want to thaw, chop, or scrub. AND, in the end, I didn’t want a massive mess. Oh, AND we were all hungry and tired, with one little boy clinging to my leg crying for supper, and another little boy doing run-by sibling attacks.

Hm hm hm.

As this is becoming a disturbing normal in my home now, I’ve decided to start sharing some: “We’re tired, hungry, and freaking out” recipes. Traditionally, my recipes involve lots of prep, multi-steps, and a decent plate presentation. These are to-the-point, nourishing, and not concerned with being pretty. Tonight’s saving plate? Simplified Blender Bean Burgers! (served with a side of yogurt and some pepper sticks). (note: we ate the whole batch. I’d probably double if Jer were home, or add in soup or yam fries or…?)

Dea’s Blender Bean Burgers (Crazy Night Recipe #1)

– 1 can black beans
– 2 cloves garlic (crushed)
– 2 eggs
– 1/2 cup large flake oatmeal
– a few drops Worcestershire
– a few squirts BBQ sauce
– salt to taste

Add everything but the oats and puree. Turn on your cast iron pan. Add in the oats and puree again.  Oil your pan, be sure it’s all hot and snappy, then drop batter by the 1/4 cup. Flip patties after about 4 minutes (or solid’ish), cook through. Baste with more BBQ sauce if you like. (Note: they’re not as solid as a hamburger patty. My eldest flips out if his burgers fall apart, so I tuck in a bit of cheese on each side and squish it into a soft bun. Knightley just eats them by hand without the bun. I go bunless with a fork).

Serve with cheese and condiments on soft buns or biscuits, or wrapped in tortillas, or just alone.
(can be fancied up by adding chopped cilantro and onions before blending, but this is about getting a meal on during the crazy hour so…)

One Response to “Crazy Night Recipe #1”
  1. Sara L says:

    Sounds yummy!! I still have some soup for you… I’ll try to remember to have the kids bring it over 🙂

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