bug-eyed craziness

Sometimes I miss being on FaceBook for the sole reason of one line complaints. Seriously. How convenient to have a public zone of venting and affirmation! This morning, if I still had FaceBook, I would post something like:

“The dog had diarrhea all over  the guest bed and the newly laundered duvet!”
or maybe,
“When I try to clean up the huge sick dog mess filling the guess room, I start to vomit! So, my duvet is stuffed in a bag and freezing into doggy-nastiness on the deck!”
Or perhaps, “My kids have shifted into craziness. Craziness! What do I do with two boys in a 900 square foot mobile in the deepening winter?!”
Or maybe, “My sweet and kind and perfect one-year old took up hitting this morning. Now what?!”
Or how ‘bout, “I’m gonna snap. I am going to snap. The house, the kids, the poop, the cold, the mess, the pregnancy, the floor, the yelling, the…!”

It’s a good thing I no longer have FaceBook. I mean, spewing all that on some public sphere on the internet would just be ridiculous! I mean, really, I’m much too in-hand, entirely together, there’s no way I would ever lower myself to an emotional breakdown online. Obviously.


(Hope someone’s hangin’ in there this morning….  🙂 )

3 Responses to “bug-eyed craziness”
  1. Kmarie says:

    Oh you poor sweet mother. Even I find the cold more than enough. I can’t imagine all of that… But you did make it sound almost funny. Almost. If I had not had a similar day before although with mine it was toddler poop in the vents and on the walls minus the dog. Now I can laugh but then I was preggers and just started crying. You are keeping a good sense of perspective and humor;) the stories of your boys are adorable. Well, I need to go check on my youngest as he just started coughing. I really do hope that next morning goes better for you;) sending hope your way…

  2. Jamie says:

    This might not help much. But for what it’s worth, on the whole being in a small place note, my kids really love it when I bring in a baking dish full of snow and let them have at it with measuring cups and spoons. They can cook all kinds of things, get their playing-in-the-snow fix in, and the mess is really minimal… usually one or two swipes of a dish towel is enough to clean up all the melted snow! Just for what it’s worth. It’s my favorite go-to thing when my brain is too tired to come up with anything else… less than a minute to prepare, less than a minute to clean up, that’s my kind of creative interlude. 🙂

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