There are nights when you try to hold onto a screaming, thrashing, deceptively strong, one year old, for hours.
And then you realize that it’s almost 4:00am and the other will be up in 2 hours.
And then you stop and think, in this town, with this many babies, there are bound to be others doing this at this very moment.

Now that’s community 😉

So to all those mamas who are just so exhausted and in the throes of crazy, I declare us crib-side super heroes!
You’re amazing.
These kids have no idea.
Most of the world is sleeping, and someday you will again as well, but for now don your cape cuz there’s trouble afoot and only you can save the night, or so it seems.

Will we greet the nearing dawn with strength and righteousness and half a shirt? I hope so.
Will the tear-stained cheeks and teething gums and upset tummies say ‘hurrah’ ? Nope.
Will we start crying in the grocery aisle? Or serve cereal for lunch? Or totally forget the bra or shoes or said-children? Likely.

And that’s that.
Cuz we’re gonna give it all we’ve got and we can’t ask for more.

G’night. Good morning. I’ve got two hours of sleep coming my way.

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  1. Melanie Joy says:

    Sounds like my night last night, Dea. I should have known! Little E. is sicko. Aww, I hope you sleep better tonight. Love you!


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