Up, down…down…down…UP!

For months, J and I have been planning on sharing two full weeks as a family over Christmas. Given that he’s working all day, every day these months, it’s been quite a point of anticipation. Unfortunately, a few days ago the company told him that everyone would be working right through the month, including Christmas week. J put in a request for some days in hopes that he could catch a few next week and perhaps a few during Christmas. The past couple of days have been yes, then no, then “who knows!?” until this hour when the site was unexpectedly completed, the rigs pulled, and the need for a medic put on pause for a few days. This mean…my husband is coming home tonight!!! Unexpected and funny and worthy of tears if I wasn’t so spent already. We’re not sure what will happen for Christmas week, but the chance to catch up for a few days right now is going to be glorious.

Next random rollercoaster.
At my last prenatal I was told that my blood sugar was high. I was not impressed!!! I dealt with gestational diabetes during my pregnancy with Jeremiah and it led to a whole lot of craziness. I had to test my blood three times a day, measure everything I ate (and submit the chart to my doctor), exercise with 30 minutes of cardio after every meal, and keep a ridiculously vigilant eye on my weight…or so I thought.
Here’s the thing. From that one high count, that doctor concluded that I did, for sure, without a doubt, have GD. I begged for the second test but he said that the first was entirely conclusive and if the second came back negative I would just put my baby at risk. So, I dove in. Given that history, when this first test came back with this current pregnancy, my mind swiftly shifted to ‘diving in’. I could feel myself quickly entering the crazy zone.
However! Yesterday I spent the whole morning (honestly 8:30am-12:00) in the lab doing another series of blood work. This morning they called and said, “Good news, no gestational diabetes!”
SO. That’s great. It’s also confusing. Do I go by that first dr’ 4 years ago and remain cautious so that I don’t “put my baby at risk”? OR, go with the fact that most of these blood sugar tests are pretty skewed and I’m doing what I can to be healthy already? Hm hm hm.

Random post.

Swing over to and check out this week’s Family Friday. It was written as a Thanksgiving post, but then my savvy editor refurbished it towards Black Friday. Oh, and it has that Pumpkin Pie Cake recipe, which is just a happy thought all around 😉

I’m off to recover my house and prepare for a husband!

2 Responses to “Up, down…down…down…UP!”
  1. for a note about the blood sugar, yes, i think they are a bit skewed. the first dr i had for LaeAnna had me do a whole bunch of blood work way too early in my pregnancy and they all came back positive requiring me to have further testing. i then switched doctors (because of a number of reasons), and the new doctor told me that because of the timing of the first set of bloodwork, none of it was accurate so we were back to square one, and everything was fine.

  2. The Tea Bag says:

    SO happy you get to be together as a family over Christmas!

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