Christmas Fridays

Happy Friday!

Throughout this month of seasonally-inspired posts, Fridays will (generally, usually, I hope) be focused on traditions within our family. (I also encourage you to continue checking out Family Fridays which will have a similar focus).For today, I want to share about the fantastic tradition of CHRISTMAS TREE DAY!!!

Christmas Tree Day is initially pretty self-explanatory: It’s the day you set up the tree.

But there’s more, and that’s what makes it a Day!

Christmas Tree Day is the day the house begins its Christmas transformation.
It’s the day the first treats are tasted.
It’s the day the first Christmas wines are opened.

so many to choose from!

a special package

Christmas Tree Day is one of many official ‘kick-offs’ to the season.  (If you’ve known us for awhile you’ll know we are a gang who love Christmas!)
The tree is chopped or purchased (we’re all about the real trees, and for good reason! Need a post on that?) and brought inside. The decorations are sorted and laid out. A hot drink is simmered for the mama and the babes, while a brewed drink is poured for the Papa. A plate is filled with whatever Christmas goodies have been created, with some special appetizers or dips or popcorns added. The carols are turn on (a bit too loud for the mama, not loud enough for the Papa), and the decorating begins.

Once the tree is done and everything tidied, we settle in with our treats and watch one of our many Christmas movies (most likely, Muppets Christmas or one of the other Christmas Carol renditions, or perhaps Elf or The Holiday, depending on when the kids go down). We snack and chat and watch and listen and enjoy, all in the light of the fresh tree and the anticipation of the season.

what are your Christmas traditions? How do you start the season?


2 Responses to “Christmas Fridays”
  1. thismama says:

    This year we get to walk on our own land and choose a Christmas tree! I am so excited, although, I am hoping that it won’t be to far from the house since I can’t walk very far!

  2. thismama says:

    Oh and the picture of you is so cute! You look so happy and healthy:).

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