craving or comfort? ;) (and a sweet little recipe)

over 70 pounds of 'little' boys

Snow had been falling all day.
Mild temps.
The current usable vehicle was in the shop for an inspection.
The ‘new’ vehicle was somehow unable to get out of the driveway or through the cul de sac with any amount of snow.
The boys had napped for too long and needed some air.

And…this mama had a craving for something warm and chocolatey.
Like a tiny home-mad,  low-sugar, high-cocoa brownie.
With vanilla ice cream.

But there was no cocoa in the house.
(and the last time this craving hit I cleaned out the neighbor so…)
And no ice cream. Or whipping cream. Or decent white creaminess of any kind.


No vehicle. Lots of snow. Two wee ones. And one not-wee belly.

And I needed a brownie.

SO. We loaded the little sled and away to town we went. By the time we were on the return stretch, drivers were rolling down their windows to call out encouragement and cheer. I figure I looked either incredibly heroic or entirely pathetic.

In the end: we made it home in mostly one piece, with cocoa and ice cream.

The boys are still up and rangy, but I have a plan and it’s gonna happen. One tiny super chocolatey brownie will be tucking me into bed at some point.

Oh prairie winter pregnancy…. 😉

halfway back

Annd…if you have a hankering for a teeny piece of chocolatey goodness tonight, give this a try! (adapted from this divine recipe and website)

Best ‘personal sized’ cocoa brownie

3 tbsp butter
1/4 cups brown sugar(or as little as 1/8, depending on your mood)
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
a few cracks of salt (or a heaping 1/4 teaspoon flaky salt, as I used)
1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla
1 eggs, cold
1/8 cup all-purpose flour

I use a two cup glass measuring cup, or my smallest pot. Melt the butter. Whist in everything else. Pour into a one cup ramekin or something oven-proof. Bake for about 15 minutes at 350.
Serve warm with quality vanilla ice cream.
Eat it slowly, knowing you can’t go back for more 😉

7 Responses to “craving or comfort? ;) (and a sweet little recipe)”
  1. Katherine says:

    Incredibly heroic was what I was thinking! Good for you! I am pretty sure that cravings for food are what get me out of the house and walking to the store most of the time. Enjoy your brownie!!!!

  2. Kmarie says:

    Oh you made me laugh! Especially at the cars Passing you by… And you made me want a brownie;)

  3. Ashley says:

    I read this thing the other day about puttin brownie batter on a waffle maker for an ‘instant’ fix rather than waiting for it to bake!! I have a box of brownie mix in my pantry (my mom brought it 😉 ) so I am tempted to try it and I will let you know how it goes!

    • Dea' says:

      Ohh…that sounds fun!!! That method would demand ice cream as well 🙂 (I’ve also read of using the waffle iron for corn bread, which I think would be great cuz it’d be crispy and perfect!)

  4. another great easy recipe….
    1/4 C flour
    1/4 C br. sugar
    2T cocoa
    2T oil
    2T water, milk or coffee

    mix dry in a mug, add wet and mix well
    microwave for 1-2 minutes

    so quick and tasty~

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