well this isn’t Christmasy at all!

This morning I woke up without a sore throat, without swollen glands, without weeping ears and eyes, and with only a bit of a cough. Amazing. After more than a month this virus thing seemed to be lifting. The boys and I loaded our sled, trekked through the snow to church, disrupted the entire service with their cabin-fevered behavior, and hauled back home again.

I felt weird in the tummy, but chalked it up to forgetting morning food.
Felt some irregular contractions, but figured it was due to being too streneous in the snow.
Couldn’t stomach the thought of lunch.

Then dove face-first into the all-new stomach flu.


This bug has hit my Mom’s Group and at this minute, every single child within that gang has been sick. Except mine.

It’s totally coming.

So, in the spirit of the flu season and how helpful I found these tips just now, I’ll share some “preparing for pukey kids in the night” tactics as shared by my dear neighbour (who was also dear enough to walk over with Gravol and Ginger Ale!!!)

– Give the kiddos some children’s Gravol. It’ll slow the nausea (won’t stop the vomiting if they need to), and will let everyone have a bit of a rest before it all comes forth in the morning light.
– Line the beds with towels. What a GREAT idea. Never thought of that before. I pulled K’s sheepskin (nope, not gonna pick chunks out of that), spread towels on their pillows and bottom sheets, put some extra in their room.
– Don’t dig for clothes in the dark. I have some extra pj’s and tomorrow’s clothes laid out and ready. Also extra undies.
– Set buckets by their beds.

And a few of my own….
– Prep’ a bit for being out. The vomiting and other belly actions have started some irregular contractions. In the off-chance that I need to step out to the clinic, I’m going to be sure Jer’s number is in plain view, rags and a mop are out, and that the toilets and most surfaces have been sani’d. Just in case. (but this was done while puking so…not sure how effective?)
– Get your feet up. Pump in some fluids. Find those crackers you forgot to throw away last month.

Alright. Well. Good luck out there. I’m not sure who’s next in this house. Jeremiah was kind enough to feed Knightley a puck of watercolor paint and a clove of garlic before bed, so whatever action we see is sure to be…interesting šŸ˜‰

8 Responses to “well this isn’t Christmasy at all!”
  1. Sara L says:

    oh yes… and have the washing machine empty so you have somewhere to put those sheets in the night! And perhaps a laundry basket nearby the bedroom for easy transport. Ugh, I hate the flu, and I avoid it at *all* costs. The kids and I all had it once while Larry was working out of town. So.terrible. I hope this is quick for you!!

  2. Ashley says:

    Oh no! Well if it is any consolation at all, most people I know had it for 12hrs max. But ugh, will still pray that the boys don’t get it all, and that you wake up with more energy than you’ve had in weeks, as was the case with me the morning after!

  3. Kmarie says:

    That is NOT what I want to hear. If there is anything I fear…
    You poor dear. What next?! I didn’t know the flu is going around as no one I know has it. All your tips are excellent… I have a few more on a blogpost from last year. Since I am typing on an iPhone I’ll just paste
    I should add yours too sometime.
    I will pray for strength for you and avoidance for me;)
    Seriously, I am praying for strength and hours of respiteful sleep on and off.

  4. Lola says:

    After three years of getting the stomach flu at least four times a year I’ve found that water with sea salt (by the gallon… seriously chug it every time you feel like you will throw up) And probiotics every hour will stop it… that is if you aren’t in the full swing of it already. But even if you are, it will speed recovery. I hope it’s not too bad though. It’s horrible to throw up when you are pregnant. I haven’t had the stomach flu in two years now, but unfortunately nothing can stop my vomiting at the moment except time šŸ™‚

  5. Melanie Joy says:

    Aww, friend! Seriously, that’s crazy. I hope you feel better soon. It was SO good to chat briefly. I always feel like the time should be longer, but alas. šŸ™‚

    Love you!

  6. praying for & thinking of you šŸ™‚

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