feeling like a kind of Christmas


I’ve quite obviously not stuck to my hope for daily Christmas posts. Sorry…but, well, it’s been worth it. As this Advent has progressed, I’ve found myself drawn less to putting my thoughts ‘out there’ and more to quieter and, perhaps, more difficult, inner reflection.

My house isn’t faring so well. My baking (for the first time in more than a decade!) hasn’t happened (for those who know my traditional Christmas baking habits, well, this is disturbing!). My few online projects and packages have yet to arrive in the mail and are therefore not wrapped and not under the tree and not ready to be presented as gifts (and I’m really excited about these, come on Canada Post!).

But, delayed gifts aside, this month has been rich.

I have been challenged and blessed by Ricahrd Rohrs little Advent readings.
I’ve chosen to laugh (again, and again…) as the boys find the stocking stash…and eat and distribute the goods throughout the house.
I’ve been alright with the fact that we’ve eaten eggs and [insert whatever works on that evening] for most suppers cuz we follow those plates with hot chocolate and Christmas oranges and cuddles and Scrooge and dancing.
I’ve gotten over the fact that this Christmas Tree looks like the other side of January.
I’ve run in the snow like a lopsided snowperson, attempted to teach the art of snow angels, crafted cardboard ‘space shuttle race cars’ to take imaginary trips through the snowy galaxies, and re-explained that powdery snow can’t make snow balls.

Overall, so different than what I expected, so far from what I have experienced in previous December s.

Christmas has always been especially cherished by Jeremy and myself. We are deeply fond of our traditions, in awe of the Story and the Mystery, and drawn to the light of the celebration. I have found his absence to be the most difficult this past week as we faced the possibility of him really not making it home for the holiday. As we waited to hear something for certain, I went between planning for his return (posting the menu on the chalkboard, booking outings) and preparing how to explain to the boys that he wasn’t (would we still share our gifts on The Day? How would I explain that Papa wasn’t home for Christmas?). But in the end, as posted this morning, we were able to rejoice and give way to our anticipation.

So then. A non-traditional December while preparing for our very traditional Season. But isn’t that life?


brothers and their nativity set ("Here Knight-nee, you can just play with the donkey..."

cabin fever= cardboard creations

33 weeks?

side profile is always more shocking 😉

One Response to “feeling like a kind of Christmas”
  1. Sara L says:

    Hey, you’re NOT big at all!! Anyways, here’s a link to the gown I saw, I’d love to see that other kind too!


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