I am So happy. My home is so rich and full, my family is reunited, Solstice is here, Christmas is days away, and there is the presence of growing Light.

Oh how His goodness abounds!

You know what I find so interesting about today? It’s Solstice! A fact of earth and season and…a ‘pagan’ ritual and celebration. I am finding it intriguing that, while some Christians hold offense at ‘secular’ celebrations of the day, some pagans hold offense at ‘Christian’ celebrations of the Solstice. Come on now! As I read and reflected in the deep hours this morning, I found myself drawn to Solstice…in faith and in Christ! The longest night and the shortest day have occurred and now…Light returns! The earth, in a sense, stops and hovers and returns to warmth and light and hope.

There is promise.
There will be a new season.
Death is not forever!
Light is returning to the land to bring healing and justice and the renewal of spring!

How beautiful!

This is no ‘pagan’ day. This isn’t an ‘us/them’ conflict. This is yet another amazing example in which our Creator God expresses Himself on earth and in season and with phenomenal artistry.

Light the candles, weave a wreath, share the gifts, and rejoice in the fact that Light has returned to Earth!

I stayed up much too late into the early hours and returned to bed as Jeremy was getting ready to begin his day (he’s an early riser!). I awoke hours this morning to a couch-and-blanket fort, some very happy boys (who had already been fed breakfast), and all my men working on play and chores and preparation. Coffee was on (for me!), Solstice was discussed, and the boys were soon packed up to go do errands with their Papa.


I have at least an hour now to write cards and pack up some goodies. If the time extends, I’m going to scoot about town and for some well-wishing and merry-making on my own.

Bonfire (well…if it warms up a bit)
BBQ supper and chocolate Yule log

Can a day get better than this?

To each of you this Solstice, I wish you True Light and the hope of Life and Presence.

the shadow proves the sunshine


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