Eve’s Eve

The eve to Christmas Eve…wow! Isn’t it interesting that while we know it’s coming every year, on the same date, Christmas still somehow ‘sneaks up’ on us? We really could be as prepared as we desire, we really could fulfill all those special projects or begin those meaningful traditions, but somehow life fills up between December 26th of one year and the 24th of the next and we are too often caught unawares.

This inevitable knowledge  of arrival and this clinging unpreparedness is not unique to today’s expression of the season. Consider how many centuries of waiting and watching led up to the Messiah’s earthly arrival. Consider how we now live; oblivious and self-centered and consumed; all within the knowledge of the coming Kingdom. Each year as Christmas nears and passes, we have another opportunity to remember our own soul’s unpreparedness while beginning and deepening our spirit for the coming Advent and the final fulfillment.

There is much merry-making in our home this morning as we enjoy or new gifts and look to the celebration of this weekend. I’m off to tidy and cook and play. Be sure to stop by and join me this morning over at the beautiful words of Melanie.

4 Responses to “Eve’s Eve”
  1. Alicia says:

    Beautiful, quotable celebrations of Eve’s Eve :: Love & Light.

  2. Kmarie says:

    Merry Christmas! Enjoy! So glad hubby is home to share and you are finding your traditions. Sounds like fun! Enjoyed your kiddos joy the other day at my house ( And I think I have some pants here that might be the little guy’s)
    Love to you all.
    Happy Christmas.

  3. Melanie Joy says:

    Love your thoughts, Dea. I’m so glad you shared them here. 🙂 Thanks for posting on my blog today. I can’t wait to try the recipe. Merry Christmas, my dear, dear friend!

    • Janaina says:

      Happy New Year Garner Family!!!!What a beautiful falmiy James, Jennifer and Addy you are and the rest of the Garner Gang isn’t too bad either. I loved the at home pictures they are sooo special. I think and pray for you all often and I am blessed sooo much by your wonderful falmiy. James and Jennifer you are wonderful parents and Addy is sooo blessed to have you all. The pictures are absolutely terrific. Addy’s signature colors of pink and brown are noted. I love and miss you all soo very much. Give Addy a kiss for me.Jackie GillispiePS: Check out my daughter’s wedding pics on Lori’s website too under chelsea and ronnie. It’s a small world.

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