1st Day. New Year.

A new year. What a privilege.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be thinking through the purpose of this blog. It began as a record and sounding board for our grand ‘gypsy trek’ when we left this town three years ago and began a journey of change and challenge. Over the past three years, this blog has seen ventures in coffee roasting, on-the-road living, ranching, marital conflict, babies created and lost, schooling, moving (again and again) and so many pieces and prayers in between.

I’m realizing however that it’s time to draw it back in and find some focus.

Why do I write here?
Why do I post my thoughts and questions and discoveries on this public forum?
Should I proof read? Follow a schedule? Change the format? Lock into a .com?


The words and wanderings of those first two years, the true ‘gypsy and cowboy’ experience,  were polished and woven together and made their way into a manuscript over a year ago. And that’s that. It wasn’t scooped up, it remains unbound, the story is mostly my own. But what’s ahead? What’s the road? What’s the connecting thread, the theme, the soundtrack of discovery in this new land, beyond the beginning?

I hope you’ll stick around while I figure it out. I hope I can refrain from posting (at least too much) as I gather my heart and vision and figure out what will grow on this screen, or if it is done altogether.

Happy New Year my friends. Best to you on your journeys.


Thoughts? Comments? Hmm....

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