Whole Dei

A word.
An idea.
A slow step towards a dappled path.

I’ve appreciated how many bloggers have shared their ‘one word’ for the year. While I at first simply enjoyed reading the thoughts and hopes of others, I soon found myself pondering one word for my own year. In the midst of one word for one year however, I am in this (surprisingly deepening) process of reconsidering my blog, and within it, myself.

Last night, while I sat in the dark at 2:00am and begged my legs to quit, I decided on my word.

From that word, I began considering a concept, and then saw the light and shadows of the path.

The one word: WHOLE
All of, entire, complete in itself.
For me, this year, both a need and a desire. The past four years have been painted with words such as ‘journey’, ‘wandering’ , ‘shattered’, ‘unknown’. All of those words; those shards and trails and questions, are now being woven and melted and formed into something new, something…whole.

The idea: Whole Dei
I want the truth, the Whole Truth, so help me God….
It’s a new year, a new day.
It’s a new Dea’.
It’s the same, true, Dei.
It’s a coming together of all things, as all things become new. It’s finding that newness, that wholeness, in the forever whole of our God.

Bit by bit, I’m turning some pages. Welcome to wholedei.com. It’s going to be a Good year.

2 Responses to “Whole Dei”
  1. Enjoyed this post – unusual and thought provoking…..as always you are a good writer. Is this a natural talent or did you study writing – you are unusually good.

  2. Love it, Dea! You were always the wordsmith woman. Looking forward to the year of “WHOLE”.

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