Under Construction

This blog remains under construction. Thanks for your patience!
As I consider changes in focus and purpose, I’ve also being playing with some new looks. I like this new ‘theme’, but I’ve lost all of my subpages so more changes are on the way (after too many hours invested in learning random bits of blog design!).

My goal/hope is to have everything organized and laid out with time to spare before Baby arrives. I imagine my time will be a bit more…stretched…in those early post-partum weeks.

Last night, as I changed the theme and uploaded a new picture, I had to pause for a minute. The site had been ‘Gypsies & Cowboys’ for years. That was the focus, the story, the whole feel. We were the gypsies, we were the cowboys; everything fit and flowed. Now, I know it’s time for things to be refreshed and restructured, but it still deserves pause.

Anyways. Off to wrangle up some boys!
Happy Sunday!

3 Responses to “Under Construction”
  1. thismama says:

    Sorry that it has been such a challenge to figure out, I hope that you get it to where you really love it.
    Love you and love reading about your life!

  2. I love the new look, Dea! I can’t wait for the changes. Love you, friend. Let’s chat soon.

  3. EB says:

    i really enjoy reading about your life too. this look is very clean and fresh looking! glad you have inspired a new outlook and new vision for yourself! happy writing. EB

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