Blessed Anticipation

Last night while sharing an end-of-day phone chat with Jeremy, I stated, “If ever there were a time for me to be struggling, this is it. If ever I needed ‘good reason’ to complain, I’ve got it! If ever I thought I could justify feeling sorry for myself, I’ve got more than enough material. But…I’m not! Somehow, for some reason far beyond myself, I feel so so so blessed!”

I’m in the last weeks of pregnancy, I’m the sole-parent in the wrestling and wrangling of two uniquely adventuresome boys, and to top it off– it’s January.

BUT… I’m alright.


And…how wonderful.

I unsure if the prayers of righteous women have reached the ears of God, or if perhaps He has simply chosen to lavish me beyond anything I have asked, but these days I am surrounded by an air of rich, almost…touchable, blessing. It is unique. Unexpected.  Embraced.

I wonder if this is one of those almost-mystical connections between the season of pregnancy and the reality of a Creator-God: this co-creation, this Life which breathed life which begets life, this Blood which saves blood which There is mystery in this knitting together of soul and flesh in the deep unknowns of His Body, of my womb, of eternity and now.

In these last weeks of waiting, I find my spirit is given fresh eyes. My anticipation joins the whole of creation as we groan together. We wait. We wonder. We writhe in hope and terrible longing.

Release. Fulfill. Deliver.

This evening, as I fit boys around a belly and see watch them nest and struggle, I am aware of sharing in the art of creation. From His own womb of mercy and abundant, bloody love, He called us out. In creating me as Woman, I am called forth, and participate.

One Response to “Blessed Anticipation”
  1. Kmarie says:

    Loved this. Stunning. I remember that feeling and kind of miss it. Beautiful.

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