They arrived with arms full; flowers, candles, chocolate, salt, scents, paints, and laughter. They arrived as gifts in themselves, as women who had become friends, as friends who had grown with my belly in the first conversations of summer and the changing of autumn and the falling cold of winter. They arrived with warmth and light and openness; all things necessary for relationship and all things necessary for the celebration of the evening: The Blessingway.

Some expectant moms celebrate with a baby shower. Some, especially when the child isn’t the firstborn, are overlooked entirely. Some women are privileged enough to be seen through the eyes of other women and to be celebrated in uniquely. I have been all of these women, and for this evening was deeply blessed with the gift of Blessing.

Candles were lit and stories shared and food served. Questions, laughter, memories. With feet and belly bare, they washed and polished and painted and created art upon Created Art, making all things beautiful. Words, True Words, were spoken and written and given as a remembrance and a beacon for the coming Time.

The hours flowed and as we gathered in a circle of prayer and light and thread, there dwelt the presence of The Sacred.

I was struck that this was Woman. Standing together, connected in One, with such a varying scope of voice and vision. Each unique member gave strength and light. Each expressed in her own voice. Each was remarkably beautiful.

It was a sacred night of blessing and preparation. An evening to be cherished and remembered and drawn upon these nights and in the coming hours.

Soon I will cry out for my son and invite him into my hands. Soon, that tiny warrior who has only known Mystery, will journey and flail and be passed from me, to me; from Him, to Him. In those hours, I will remember the words of women. In that moment, I will Be.

And onward into the waiting, into the Now, always present, always looking forward….

(Photos by the beautiful and ridiculously talented LeeAnn D. Thank you, friend….)

7 Responses to “Blessingway”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the picture of you smiling.

  2. Kmarie says:

    That looks like so much fun! It gave me an idea for my book group for Sara. Could you let me know where you got the preggo paints from as well as what you read?
    I’ll email you!
    Glad you had a delightful time of sacred peace before you birth your babe:)

  3. Kit says:

    What a beautiful post. And what a beautiful night! Glad you have someone up there to bless you like that. How wonderful! Plus, that pic of you is wonderful.

  4. EB says:

    oh man. that was sooo preciously sweet! I am so glad you have sweet friends who love you and I am so glad that people are celebrating ALL 3 of your sweet baby’s arrivals, and also celebrating YOU as their mama! pretty special. Love EB

  5. RadiantLight says:

    It was such a blessing to be a part of the blessing…I wish every expectant woman and unborn child would be celebrated in this way. A gorgeous woman in all her feminine fullness and the Body of Christ functioning in its fullness…SO beautiful.

  6. Marissa says:

    So beautiful. Wish I could have been there and so missing some of those dear faces right now.

  7. The Tea Bag says:

    Now I understand what you were telling me on Sunday afternoon. What a Blessing for you, what affirmation, what love in every stroke of paint and every word uttered and every candle lit!

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